Samurai of Hyuga Book 2

Samurai of Hyuga Book 2 is out!

The toughest ronin in Hyuga returns! Enjoy a taste of culture, or at least survive it admist twisted romances and theatrical swordfights. Clash up against the past, with old love tearing new wounds. Try not to bleed out as the drama heats up beneath the pouring rain.

Memories move and shift like shogi tiles. Enjoy a well-deserved vacation and lose sight of who you are. Or resist, because you and our favorite ronin already know: nothing is easy in Hyuga.

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OH MY GOD FINALLY. You have no idea how long I have been following this thread. THANK YOU.


My heartbeat is racing the speed of installation and winning. So this is love…


Totally! And as I am playing I’d like to point out I LOVE the shogi tournament, I am actually a rather skilled player of shogi and its fun for me to quickly move through it lol Also, was Bashō meant (as I expect) to be in fact Matsuo Bashō the founder of the haiku? It seems to support that, but I have to ask.

He asks for 5-7-7, was that supposed to be 5-7-5?

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Bashō will either ask for help with a jinsei (5-7-5 7-7) or a katauta (5-7-7 5-7-7) based on the outcome of the shogi match.

Odd I got 5-7-7. I won and stopped the situation from getting messy

These games look so fun… but I’m determined to wait for a release on Steam. Still, I’m happy to see the second book out.

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Is it out on the appstore?

I’m gonna have to wait a couple of days til I get some money :sob:


Any eta or if it will be released on the Chome App store? Rather play great games in the large and nice HTML format (or do I have to wait for it to be released on the COG site)?

Hate to be a pain since I love this series but “Shiitake mushroom” is redundant take means mushroom. So Shiitake is mushroom of Shii tree

Beat it

Now I go again

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Boy have I got bad news for you.
We PC users are stuck with Steam now, or playing online on the COG servers (which means we can’t mod a damned thing anymore :cry:)

You can also go through tedious process of emulating android on PC and installing play store. It is also possible to mod games which requires root, but since it’s just an emulator, it is also possible to emulate root access with it.
Not sure about legality of it though.

It’s on the AppStore and I just downloaded it.

Apparently , Google Play just released their version 30 minutes or so after Amazon. XD Should have waited for it lol.

Anyway, can’t wait to play it soon. It was evening when it first came out so I wasn’t able to play it.

Thank you again for the hard work and I’m already looking forward to the next installment!!

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I already know about BLuestacks and the ilk, I just like thing all in one place

Makes life so much easier (and readable XD)

I’m in the same boat as you. And yes it was so nice to have it all in one place. looks at my +20 CoC and Hosted apps

So now I’m playing the waiting game. -_- But from what I’ve heard from others, then it’a possible to use the safe file from Chrome SoH1 in SoH2 on Steam, so at least there’s that.

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I only use steam as a last resort, rather buy directly from these forums. (I dislike steam with a passion)
…But back on topic!

Gratz on the release, replaying part 1 till the official release, then I’ll get it on the platform I like best XD.

So I have the game on my android, but it does not seem to want to transfer my data over from the previous book (I tried the default email for my google account, and then a second one I use sometimes which has been loading for the past 5 minutes). I know the data’s on my phone, but I didn’t have a choice of games account until I just now made one. Is my character lost for good?

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