Samurai of Hyuga Book 2 Demo

The demo for Samurai of Hyuga Book 2 is out!

Our favorite ronin clashes against the past, with old love tearing new wounds. Drama heats up beneath the pouring rain—neither showing signs of letting up.

This is the second book in an epic series, and so it is highly recommended that you read the first before checking out this one. Because it is a demo, you won’t be able to load in your character from the first game. You will have to create a premade character.

The demo features the first four chapters. It takes our ronin from one desperate battle to another, though the battlefields couldn’t more different. Turns out that sometimes even a ronin has to play by the rules. Or at least pretend to.

You can find the link to the demo on my website:

Just as a general disclaimer, this interactive story isn’t for everyone. If you’ve read the first book then I’m sure you know what to expect! I have a twitter up @MChoiceStudios if you want to follow me for release dates.

There is still a lot of work that needs done for the final release, but I hope you look forward to it!


Yes!! I’ve been waiting for this since the announcement on your website, and I can tell the wait was worth it when I played the demo. Do you know when the full game will be released?



…I will post my thoughts in a later, calmer post when I’m not hyperventilating. Much love dahling <3


Heyy, I really enjoyed the first one. Awesome to see this! SPOILER Towards the end I got a real apex patrol feeling that your main romance is your main enemy, love that kind of thing.

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AAAH!! This is the best birthday surprise a girl could ask for. I’ve been so excited for this for it feels like forever.

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I’m was and still happy for this it made my day :smiley:

I’m not done yet but I’m loving it. XD I can’t wait for the final product !

Aaaaa- I cannot begin to express how excited I am

I have been waiting forever for this glorious moment, and on my birthday no less…am I lucky or not?

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We are not worthy of this !
Back on some man slaying then :smiley:


Epic fan-girl squeal

Looks at stack of work

Looks at SoH Book 2 Demo


Why do I have to be a responsible adult again? I’ll get to this… later. :cry:


finally ! i’ve been waiting for this for so long

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FINALLY!!! Do you have any idea how often I’ve checked your blog hoping to find a demo there?
First of all, thank you. And thanks for always providing such long demos so one can really get a feel for the story.

Here’s what I think about it.

[spoiler] I had some problems with the premade characters, because the premades don’t fit my own ronin. My favored skills were chivalrous, charming, calculated, finesse, protective, and the options don’t allow for that combination. This hindered immersion somewhat, but I guess it’s fine for a demo. As with the first book I had hoped to use the demo for a few playthroughs to determine which choices raise which stat, but that doesn’t really work when my demo-ronin responds in a way my mc wouldn’t.

My feelings towards Junko are… complex.
I don’t like her. In fact, I absolutely despise her (because everyone who points a blade at Masami will earn my eternal wrath), but I love the idea of my chivalrous, protective ronin still having feelings for her. That adds an interesting dynamic to the romance. I hope I can take this as a sign that you plan to implement romance not as merely a fun subplot, but actually take the time to flesh things out.

And it’s awesome that Junko and Masami are jealous of each other. I have half a mind to pursue Toshie just because it will make both angry with me.

Although I must admit I was hoping for more introspection after Junko was introduced. I think it’s somewhat surprising that the mc shakes off his meeting without his former lover so quickly without even trying to analyze his feelings for her.

I’m also still holding out hope for some flashbacks - how did my ronin meet Masami, and why did my ronin ever fall in love with Junko? That last part would be especially great to see, because as of now I only care about her as an enemy. She is obviously carzy now, but I would also like to see what she was like before… whatever happened that caused their relationship to end.

The Shogi tournament was definitely something I did not see coming. I’ve enjoyed it so far, even though I know only slightly more about the game than my ronin. But if there will be more matches of similar length they could become somewhat dragging - it was a very long scene, after all. The Shogi match took about as long as the confrontation with Junko, and I was much more invested in the latter. [/spoiler]

That is all that comes to mind right now. I might add more later when I have had some more time to think about the demo.


I expected no less from you, simply amazing :heart_eyes:
. @MultipleChoice can you tell how many chapters will be in this second book?
and the Ro’s :slight_smile:

is there anyway to save masami ?

Amazing demo :smiley: Can’t wait for the full game release.

Will our ex-lover be a RO?

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What do you mean exactly? If there is a way to have it not seem for the MC as if Masashi/Masami died? Because I don’t think so, at least I didn’t find a way either. Honestly I think the dramtic impact would get lost if it is (easily) possible to avoid that. And I like the drama. The thing that got me on my toes while waiting for SoH Book 2.

The description reads:

Survivalist. I’m still alive. Didn’t happen by accident. [Calculated, Charming, Finesse]

But instead it increases brutal.

I also wonder who the official ROs will be…(Though ax-crazy ex-lover seems rather likely…)


Yes! An unexpected but great surprise! I just finished Book 1too so I’m glad Book 2 is coming along so well. Greatly enjoyed the demo~:grin:

correct me if im wrong, but I think the ROs are:

  1. Hatch

  2. Momoko (cant spell her name)

  3. Ex-crazy, ex-lover (female and male)

  4. Toshio (think that’s right :sweat:)
    I think that’s all the ones from book 1, and I THINK that they are the possibilities but I’m only running on theories at the moment :sweat_smile: but there could be more to come but I am totally and utterly unsure since I am running on theories, so yeah. but if I am correct, it will be coincidental :thumbsup:

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This soothes my soul. You have done well, @MultipleChoice .

One thing, though:

  • I have noticed that when I choose the survivalist option, it increases brutal instead of finesse like it advertises.
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