How are the romance options in each Samurai of Hyuga games?

Also can you romance anyone in the first one?


You can’t romance in the first game. It’s one of those “get to know them first” kinda games? I like the way the author did that. The second has small hints of romance while the third has full romance (i haven’t read it in awhile so, i might be mistaken)


There’s no romance in the first book. In the second one, you could get a couple of scenes with Momoko and a certain extent with the Baron. The third one, a couple of scenes with Toshi and the samurai person.

Overall, if you are looking a continuation of your previous romance it seems it more like Book 2 to up in the couple of books before the end, you’ll probably get a chance to get know which RO you like best before having a final RO scene in the end. That’s just my hypothesis but you are not much forced into them and reject them when each situation presented themselves.

I am not sure if your relationship with get mention again, not until the end since the focus of SoH was more on adventure rather than these scenes.


I’ve only played through once. I liked the ninja. He’s slow to open up, though. I got a false-chastity vibe from him, and a handy. I really enjoyed a fling with a villain, though. He was a better RO, tbh. I wished for more.


Same sentiment. Toshi has been my Ronin’s apple of her eye ever since Book 1.

the baron ? who is that ?

what about that fighter dude…? Isnt he a romance choice? I always though he was…but never tried …since hello…momoko-shaaaaaaan :kissing_heart:


You could have a fling with the Baron (one of the demons) during the later part of Book 2.

And Hatch is confirmed by Devon, not a RO. I’m not sure if he will change his plans in the future.


well damn…I didnt know that…live and learn huh…thnx resuri :wink:

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Yup. I really liked the Baron as a tragic antagonist. I was hoping, but not expecting, a save option.

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It go by book by book

Can i ask a question who is the best RO toshi? Or what’s the ninja girl’s name? In book 3

Toshi is the Ninja . Momoko is a doctor .

The best is the one you like . They are all the best…


What @E_RedMark said. It’s all about your own preference. For me it’s really hard to pick since both ROs are written well, so i just playthrough twice.


Also does anyone know how to romance mr baron

You can only have a fling with the Baron. It never extended to romance iirc.

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Hi! Can i ask a question? Do you have a romance guide for Momoko?

Just choose the options related to liking her. The “date” between her and Hatch, success or not won’t matter, choose that you also like her, be nice and she’ll ask for you to join her after shogi.


What about toshie she’s my RO option from book 2 to 3 but i don’t get it where is she in book 4 and why is my attuntment decreases i followed the walkthrough carefully thanks!

Book 4 is primarily about Jun/ko and the Ronin’s past. Other ROs will not be available for personal interaction except a certain one.

Just remember that the Ronin left the group back in Shima.


The most you’ll get from Toshie(for now) is a good massage and almost a happy ending in book 3.
In book 4 their appearance is more of a cameo, since the book revolves around the Ronins past and Tosh has nothing to do with it.