Is The Samurai Of Hyuga Trilogy Worth The Money?

Hi I Was Wondering If The Trilogy Of The Samurai Of Hyuga Is Worth The $14?

I Love The Majority Of The Games I Have Played On This Website But I Just Dont Want To Waste My Money On A Game.

So Can You Please Give Me Your Personal Thoughts On The Trilogy And If Its Worth The Price.

Please No Spoilers.


Here’s a really BIG part of the Hyuga series, the choices you make in the first book are PERMANENT or rather, the LITERAL FIRST chapter of the series. Those choices determine your character’s personality stats which are unchangeable throughout the series( so far), so if you’re someone who enjoys a dynamic story where you can develop gradual affinities then I suggest steering clear of this

Also, if you’re a perfectionist with your stats, the choices are deliberately finnicky at times to make you slip up and drop certain temporary stats( these are not the aforementioned personality stats)

Other than that the story is relatively decent but it is on the more linear side of a CYOA so if you like HUGE variations then this might not interest you

I’m sure the boons of the series will be mentioned by someone else shortly since there are quite a few( I especially like the romance aspects) but those are some things to consider agaisnt the series


Thank You For The Reply.



Its really fun and extremely interactive. It is for mature ages such as teenagers and adults though. It has something relatively special about it as well. It has a few memory checks which tests you at times and keeps you on your toes. I havn`t really seen that in other games on this website and so gives it a personal touch. The characters are really deep and truly feel human as well.


I personally would highly recommend these games, but you need to understand that going into them they are very linear so if that’s not your cup of tea then I wouldn’t recommend them. The story, while very well written and very enjoyable, will play out the same everytime you play with only slight variations.

The real choice is in your MC. What kind of person they are, how they react to things, how they feel about others. The MC for SoH is kind of their own character that you get to put your own spin on it. I would not recommend going into the game with a set idea of what your MC is like. Play the first game and let the game help you shape them.

The characters are all very interesting and their relationships with the MC are probably my personal favorite part of the game.

There is a certain anime esthetic to the world, the story, the characters, and the plot and if that’s your cup of tea then go for it, and even if it’s not I would still say it’s worth it.

The game really reminds me of watching an anime but with your character as the star. If that sounds good to you then yes. 14 dollars all 3 of the games (which I believe still has 4 more games coming out) is a good price.

It really just depends on what you want from your games. If you want a really open story with lots of different paths (like Choice of Robots) then I wouldn’t recommend them, but if you want a really good story with a main character that you will grow to really care for then I highly recommend them.

Edited: I also want to mention that the games are all a good length so they are worth the money in terms of how much you get out of them.


It’s very much worth the money. I played the demo for the first and liked it, but like you I was on the fence about buying the whole series but recently I did and no regrets.

I even read them all / played through them all for hours in one go. Samurai Of Hyuga 1-3 took me on an journey that still resonates with me. And I eagerly wait for the next one.

I would say at least try the first one and go from there.


Eh, Samurai of Hyuga is the best game in CoG. Play the demo first, of course, but it’s incredibly and deserves your money.

Also, I’m kind of curious… why are you writing every single word with caps? xD

And it’s not a trilogy. There will be 6 books. Maybe it seems like a lot 14$ (it’s not, SoH deserves it) but a book comes once a year, and the first week it’s on sale, so it’s like 3$ a year. Easy choice.

But seriously, I’ve bought like 10 books or so in this website (and played every single demo) and SoH is the best one. And with the best main character. You’ll know what I mean when you play.

Humour, Fantasy, Drama, Romance and very charismatic characters lead by a oni-slayer ronin.


Definitely worth the money. There’s not many games that easily caught my attention and still holds it to this day. However, like it was previously stated, there will be 6 books in total by the time the author finishes writing the final book so I’d say 14 dollars for half of the series is a pretty good deal


For that bundled price, it is worth the money in my opinion.

Like the people here said, it has an anime feel into it. It has an interesting story and a great cast of characters but it is mostly linear and your MC has a personality of its own though you could add some variation into during the first part of the series. But if you are really RPing in most of your CoG/HG, it might not be your cup of tea and you like variety. Be warned that there are dark themes in SoH so if you don’t want such themes or a bit sensitive when it comes to certain topics I wouldn’t recommend it.

Other than that it was worth every money I spent on.


Samurai of Hyuga feels like “choose your own Rurouni Kenshin Adventure” which is to say it’s great if you like that (I do). I feel it’s worth it, yes.


To be completely honest the choices don’t affect the story too much but I doubt you’ll notice due to the direction of the story always being interesting


I’m aiming for a good guy route, I saw the ‘savior’ term on the introduction.

You bet your damn money it is!

So, coming from a SoH fan, it is a bit partial advice but It is my favourite CoG title till date.

While it has a fascinating story and amazing characters, there are a few things which could ruin your experience.

The story is linear-ish, meaning the plot points remain the same and you will have little freedom to choose which direction it goes.

Another thing to consider is that it is based on the fictional version of Japan and written like an Anime/Manga. If you’re an avid fan of both, then it is a great experience, otherwise all good and well.

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