Samurai of Hyuga fanart!

So I tried out Samurai of Hyuga the other day. I initially expected to just breeze through it, maybe find some cute character to attach to. What I didn’t expect was to get so engrossed in my own character! The writing style really took me by surprise. Definitely one of the best CYOAs I played so far.

And so I drew my cheeky ronin, Akio, with some vague lights that are supposed to be fireflies in the background.

His stats leaned towards calculated, perverted, charming, protective and finesse. He also went for the fish.

What about yours? What were your ronins like? :blush:


Nice art.

My ronin was basically Mugen. :stuck_out_tongue:


It looks wonderful.
(and an added not-so-subtle nudge to @MultipleChoice to take a look at it)


@niawo 10 out of 10 would drink saké with!


@niawo Your fanart inspired me to make some too, though I don’t have any painting skills like you and stuck with line-art.:sweat_smile:
coughs I’m not sure if it’s okay to post this in your thread or not, but I thought it’d be weird to make a separate thread just to post the same kind of content (SoH Fanart).

Name: Fujin
Its typically a boy name, but the way I played her made her come off boyish anyway :smile:
She was cheeky and perverted like @niawo 's Akio, calculated, charming and extremely protective of Masashi.
He was my favorite character btw, bravo on writing him @MultipleChoice :heart: :ok_hand:
Oh and I added Masashi’s Red Panda because, sweet jesus they’re some cute animals.


@SteamShard So cute! I love how the red panda has a more fierce expression than the MC lol!


I suppose I am a little late with fan art but better late than never am I right? I have to say this book really sparked me back into drawing again. I was enthralled with the main cast, so much so that I did some sketches and polished them up a bit.

So I did one of my favorite characters, though I did take some artistic liberties I wanted to capture that reckless yet charming vibe I got from him.

I’ve finished line work on the others and I’m on the editing phase.


Nice fanarts. :smiley:
Your ronin looks like a filthy gaijin, Ramster. :open_mouth:

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Fantastic pics guys (Wish I could draw people). I made up some small atc’s for Chinese new year and had been reading SOH at the time. Ended up with lots of koi cards :grin:


Other than leaning toward perversity, my ronin was similar to yours. She too went for the fish, although she liked teasing her charge a fair bit. Her spirit animal is the firefly too! I called her Emiko in my first run because I like this name, also because it’s ironic.

That is such a freakin’ cool piece of fanart… I wish I could art like that. T^T


@Jacic I love the shading on the Koi, it gives the scales depth to them. I dig it :smiley:

I suppose he comes off as a bit scruffy considering that his residence is the shadier parts of Jijinto (hopefully I spelled that right), it also compliments his rough around the edges personality so that’s a plus :grin:

Hatch is his own character, my ronin is not as affable as he, not at first glance anyway.

I named her Kjelle, odd I know but at the time I was paying homage to one of my favorite video game characters. (Kudos to anyone who knows what game it is)

I wanted her to have a face that invoked fear, as the PC has a somewhat thuggish look to them.
Her stats leaned more in favor to Impulsive, perverted, charming, protective and brutal.

I became fixated on my PC’s development thus far. I gotta give credit where credit is due, the author brought a new meaning of depth to the PC. Overall brilliant work.

(I’ve been working on some rough sketches I’ll release them soon when I refine them :wink:)


wew this is seriously late and I hope this isn’t necroposting but aaaa @SteamShard, @Ramster, @xXOtakuKonekoXx, your ronins sound so awesome omg. perverted ronins unite haha

and thank you so much @MultipleChoice !!! it’s been 8 months and god samurai of hyuga is still my favourite CYOA and one of my favourite samurai related fiction so far. Can’t wait for book 2 ganbatte!!

Hope you don’t mind me asking but any eta on when it may come out? Later this year ?;v;

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I’m just as excited as you are @niawo, hopefully a demo comes a little later into the month perhaps? I’m banking on summer for a fresh release of games, I need my fix man :weary:

Oh and I sketched this a little while ago (would’ve uploaded it sooner but exams kinda limited my time):

I was wondering that if the PC’s this badass then what about the mentor? So my brain started to picture what he would look like and BAM! Here he is.
The sketch is fairly rough but then again I was tinkering around with photoshop.

Yeah, words can’t really describe my hype :smile:


So I was browsing through the forums when I stumbled upon the SoH 2 demo, and It just made my day a whole lot better. And since it’s the end of exam week I can actually put time aside for things that aren’t concerning tests and grades. So in light of the demo I drew Momoko.

I’ve got Masami in the works, just adding color


A kind of old drawing I made of my character when I first read Samurai of Hyuga. squeaks is late to party, sorry. ;v;


Wow your ronin is rather unique @Littleprince, maybe the fact that she is blushing ^^
Also sweet Momoko is great too @Ramster :smiley:

And as promised I’ve finished Masami:

It was pretty fun drawing her for the most part, color composition wise it took me longer than I would have liked but nevertheless I’m happy with her.
I love the dynamic between her and my Ronin, they’re polar opposites which makes the interactions between them all the more enjoyable.
So yeah, I love this little shugenja bookworm.


Yay, Japanese fanart!! I cannot post my picture yet since I um ahem spilt coffee on it by accident, so yeah everything’s gooood :thumbsup:
anyway, all your pictures are amazing and I can tell that you all put a lot of work into making them pretty awesome too, and I hope you all had as much fun drawing them as I do looking at them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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My arts:

To @MultipleChoice with love <3 Hope everyone like them too!


OMG those are amazing, I just need to add colour and I’m done with the chibis but they are rubbish sooooo…

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