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Just a benchmark post for Mecha Ace guides and how to get achievements. Also because I hate having to look them up every time. I’ll be editing this post as I go throughout the days.

Also, any hints for formatting this better?


  • Anime Ja Nai! -Your willpower failed you at a crucial moment.

When you are taken prisoner by the Imperials, if you continue to resist the interrogator you’ll lose the ability to use one of your hands. Later after you escape with Hawkins, you’ll meet with the doctor. You have an option to fight it, to make your hand move, if you have less than 3 willpower, you will fail.

  • Apocalypse: Cancelled - You saved Crown Station from destruction.

When you choose to stay and fight after the Lightbearer fires, you’ll have an option to disable the Imperial super-weapon. If you have at least 2 perception, you’ll succeed.

  • Bad Priorities - Run away during the battle of Crown Station.

When the Imperials fire the Lightbearer in Episode 7, choose to run away instead of staying and fighting.

  • Beach Volleyball! - You romanced your wingperson.

Agreeing with him/her in situations, being nice to him or her is a good start. Also helps if you have both high warrior and passion stats to assist just for the fun of it.

  • The Biggest Stick - You intimidated the enemy fleet into surrendering

Requires at least 3 Prescence, after the Imperials fire the Lightbearer the first time, choose to go through the fleet to make the Imperial Fleet surrender.

  • Bright Slap - You resorted to corporal punishment.

See guide below.

  • The Circus - Bury Hawkins in a swarm of missiles.

Calling the fleet to lay down fire when facing Hawkins for the last time in Episode 9, request fire-support from the Caliburn both times and they’ll bury him/her in missiles, leaving you to finish him/her off.

  • Just this once! - Every major character survived to the end of the story.

Trying to get the conditions to get this right. I’ve done a melee focused character with 5 piloting and it works when I stick with my lance after the Imperials fire the Lightbearer. Chose to defend the fleet.

  • Grand Theft Prototype - You recovered a prototype from the enemy.

At the start of Episode 2, you’re given different options to take on the enemy. Selecting to remote hijack the prototype will get it.

  • Heavy Risk… - You romanced your deck chief.

Whenever you talk to him or her, be nice, and also agree with them on anything. Also, you have to have more diplomat than warrior in your stats, and also more deliberation than passion (?). If you have more warrior, he/she will turn you down, saying that you’ll butt heads too much.

  • Highlander Burial - You destroyed an enemy machine by landing on it.

Haven’t gotten this one yet.

  • I will (not) abandon you… - You romanced your bridge controller.

As with most romances, be nice to Watanabe, don’t pry when you ask questions, and impress him/her when you’re testing out the Lionheart. Go with him or her when he/she asks, and it should have a text saying he/she moves closer over to you when you’re both alone together.

  • Just Following Orders - You used Lightbearer to destroy the enemy fleet.

When you regain control of the Lightbearer from Hawkins, either immediately fire on the Imperial fleet, or try to convince them to stand down. If you have less than 2(?) presence, you’ll fail and it’ll force you to fire it anyways.

  • Kill 'em All! - You got everyone, including yourself, killed.

Haven’t gotten this one yet.

  • Men of Destiny - Play through the story with an all-male cast.

Selecting all NPC roles as males.

  • The Morningstar - You have completed the main story.

Complete the story with your character still alive.

  • The Nightmare of Veridia - You ended the story with less than 20 Reputation.

This is achieved after you leave with Hawkins after destroying Lightbearer.

  • No Machine Gun for You! - You lost your ranged weapon in combat, twice!

Using ranged attacks when you have no training in them both times when you fight Hawkins.

  • …On a Halifax Pier - You helped Hawkins destroy Lightbearer

Agreeing with Hawkins when they take control of the Lightbearer and leaving.

  • Orlando Furioso - Defeat the Roland while Hawkins is piloting it.

When you fight Hawkins for the last time, stick to your most used attack pattern, whether it be from range or in melee. 5 piloting, or 4 presence worked on my end on different playthrough’s. You could also call support from the Caliburn when fighting him/her for the last time.

  • Orlando Innamorato - You fell in love with Hawkins.

See guide below.

  • Red Comet - You flew a swift machine painted in red and gold.

Choosing you first upgrade at the start of the game, choose custom paint job, and choose the colors red and gold.

  • Si vis Pacem - You became head of the Damocles Initiative

After successfully romancing Hawkins, choose the option to negotiate a cease-fire on both sides, while also being able to recruit Hawkins as an ally, saying you’ll convince them. 3 Presence minimum.

  • The Sword that Cleaves Evil - You maxed out your melee combat ability.

Whenever asked to improve a skill, choose the options that will increase piloting. Also, after winning your second duel against Hawkins, he/she will give you their monosaber as a gift. Take the monosaber as the upgrade for the Lionheart.

  • Take That, Manfred! - You ended the story with more than 80 kills.

Following the Hawkins romance guide will net you more than enough kills. But also, going the more aggressive route, always looking to kill will get you the achievement.

  • Veridian Standoff - You used the Lightbearer to force an end to the war.

With at least 3 presence, after regaining control of Lightbearer from Hawkins, use the cease-fire option to make both sides stand down.

  • The White Death - You maxed out your ranged combat ability.

When choosing what to boost, always boost your perception stat. Once you max out your perception at 5, choose the experimental particle rifle as the upgrade for the Lionheart, if you decided to go for it.

  • Who the Hell… - You ended the story with more than 80 reputation.

Being successful in all of your battles, with Hawkins and with the fleet contribute to your reputation.

  • Women of Destiny - You played through the story with an all-female cast.

Pretty self explanatory, select all female NPC roles at the start of a new game.


Hawkins Romance

Original Source for Base Guide: Steam Community/Romance Hawkins Guide by Chaos Ripper

TL;DR - Ranged Attacks/High Warrior and Dilberation/High Perception (4) and Mid Presence (3)

Achievements -

  • Red Comet
  • Bright Slap
  • Apocalypse: Cancelled
  • Orlando Innamorato
  • Veridian Standoff
  • Si vis Pacem
  • Take that, Manfred!
  • Who the Hell…
  • The Morningstar

Episode 1

  1. I cannot afford to let three experienced enemy pilots live.
  2. Gender choice.
  3. A chance for power, fame, maybe even high office at the end of the war.
  4. No single act but for my utter reliability and unbroken history of excellent service.
  5. Heatsink status of my long-range particle rifle.
  6. A custom paint job to encourage my allies and strike fear into the enemy.
  7. Red Comet for choosing Red and Gold. +1 Temporary Presence
  8. Lance name.
  9. Use my tactical genius and eagle eyes to exploit a weakness in the enemy formation. +2 Perception
  10. Getting the combat shakes. -1 Willpower
  11. Aggressively: I want my lance-mates just as fired up as I am.
    Episode 2
  12. Asadi is letting his/her heart rule his/her head; he/she needs to calm down.
  13. We have a job to do, and it will be done, civilians be damned.
  14. See if I can’t catch some sign of the enemy from here.
  15. Lure the enemy into an ambush.
  16. Get some distance and attack from range
    Episode 3
  17. Disappointed: [Name] Lance could have helped end this battle faster.
  18. Fire a few pot-shots to scare them off.
  19. “The contents of the box might be critical. Get it somewhere safe immediately.
  20. Accept the challenge.
  21. Keep Hawkin’s mecha at a distance.
  22. Yes I still fight for the same reasons.
  23. Attack Hawkins from a distance.
  24. Attack Hawkins from a distance.
  25. Fall back to keep Hawkins at a distance.
  26. Last name choice.
  27. First name choice.
  28. “I’m on my way chief.”
  29. “Good work, Chief, I’ll mention to the captain how hard you’ve all been working.
  30. “How do you think the war’s going?”
  31. “If you think this war is pointless, why did you volunteer to fight?”
  32. “No, that’s all chief.”
  33. Go back to my quarters and do some research on Commandant Hawkins.
  34. Biographical Outline
  35. Mental Evaluation
  36. Combat Evaluation
  37. Conclusion and Recommendations
  38. Close the file. I’m done.
  39. This next step could go anywhere, but this one I’ll go the route of getting the Bright Slap achievement.
  40. Try to find Watanabe and get some answers.
  41. I had some questions.
  42. “Have you ever seen any combat before?”
  43. “Why are you so afraid of me?”
  44. “No, I need to know!”
  45. Striking a superior officer is a serious offense. I should beat some respect into this kid.
  46. Bright Slap Achievement
    Episode 4
  47. Reject Watanabe’s apology.
  48. “So why are you so nervous anyways?”
  49. “Tell me about your parents.”
  50. “That’s everything I wanted to ask.”
  51. “Good hunting out there; bag some impies for me.”
  52. “Just following my orders. Let’s get this over with.”
  53. “I can’t help but feel that this machine isn’t entirely safe.”
  54. Launch Phrase
  55. “Me neither. This is a recipe for disaster.”
  56. Be efficient.
  57. Be efficient.
  58. I hope Asadi proves himself/herself to be an able commander.
  59. “Calm down. I’m the one in trouble, not you.”
  60. Try to enter the civilian ship’s IFF code into the flight computer.
  61. “Then explain to me what happened.”
  62. I’ll fly into the next battle but will have Weaver install limiters
    Episode 5
  63. Cautiously, in a way that will minimize our battle group’s losses.
  64. Steele’s got to have something up his sleeve.
  65. Launch a hit-and-run attack against the enemies headed for the evacuation ships.
  66. Skirmish with the enemy at long range.
  67. Defend the battlegroup.
    Episode 6
  68. I think the civilians are slowing us down-we should abandon them.
  69. Try talking to Hawkins first.
  70. Attack Hawkins and order my lance to deal with his/her escort.
  71. I’ll engage Hawkins from long range.
    Interlude 2
  72. Conflict leads to progress. It’s the reason why we have such power in the first place. (w106)
  73. “While the Lionheart is an impressive military asset, it does have some issues.”
  74. “Not really. I think we did rather well considering the forces we were facing.”
  75. “My lance-mates deserve all the credit for that.”
  76. “Ensign Asadi is an excellent pilot but her judgement is questionable at times….”
  77. I bet the admirals are trying to figure out if I still deserve my command.
  78. I’ll say hi to Chief Weaver.
  79. “Yeah, explain that one to me, will you?”
  80. “You mentioned you had a dog and a family?”
  81. “So you never got married? Are you seeing anyone?”
  82. “No, I was just curious, that’s all.”
  83. “What happened during your debriefing?”
  84. “That’s absurd. People win wars, not machines.”
  85. “Actually, never mind. I should go.”
  86. I have some questions for Captain Baelyn.
  87. “How is the Caliburn holding up?”
  88. “Do you and the commander of the Imperial Fleet know each other?”
  89. “What’s our next move?”
  90. “Why did you defect from the Imperial Military??”
  91. “Nothing further ma’am. I should be going.”
  92. I want to go see Asadi.
  93. “I wanted to see how you were holding up.”
  94. “Why don’t you tell me about it?”
  95. “Why do you want to win this war so badly?”
  96. “That’s something you have to figure out yourself.”
  97. “Are you sure I’m the right pilot for the job?”
  98. “What happens if I get the Lionheart destroyed?”
  99. “No questions.”
  100. The experimental particle rifle.
  101. I’ve become better at leading. +1 Presence
    Episode 7
  102. If we fight hard enough, we can end this war today.
  103. Snipe at then afar while keeping our distance.
  104. Keep my Lance where it is, retaining tactical flexibility.
  105. Asadi’s right, we should be trying to find a way to make a difference.
  106. Assign my lance-mates to do one of the above, while I try to do another alone.
  107. …defend the Caliburn and what’s left of our fleet.
  108. …disabling that Imperial superweapon.
  109. No surrender! I’ll fight until I cannot fight anymore!
    Episode 8
  110. “How do you know my name?”
  111. “How long have I been out for?”
  112. “Why are you here?”
  113. “What happened?”
  114. “What happened to the CoDEC fleet?” (Should say you did a good job.)
  115. “What happened to Crown Station?” Apocalypse: Cancelled
  116. “What happened to me after I was captured?”
  117. “Never mind, forget about it.”
  118. “Where am I?”
  119. “I don’t have any more questions.”
  120. I declare my name, rank, and serial number, just like I’m supposed to.
  121. Ask why Hawkins is doing this.
  122. “I understand completely, and I agree.”
  123. “Friends? Of course, or maybe a bit more….”
  124. “Go to hell!”
  125. Give up.
  126. “Why are you doing this?”
  127. I shoot to kill. I want that impie bastard dead.
    Interlude 3
  128. “He/she’s on our side! I owe him/her my life!”
  129. “I think Hawkins could be a valuable ally. We should trust him/her.”
  130. I admit that I broke under Imperial interrogation.
  131. Speak to Captain Baelyn.
  132. “Where’s Asadi and the rest of my lance?”
  133. “What happened after I was captured?”
  134. “What’s this briefing about?”
  135. A part of something bigger. There’s more to the Captain’s plan than just this.
  136. “Yeah, I do.”
  137. “What are you going to do after this battle is over?”
  138. “To find someone worth living and fighting alongside.”
  139. Go back to my quarters and rest.
  140. To remind everyone that victory here might mean a quick end to the war.
    Episode 9
  141. “If it’s a fight you want, then I’m more than happy to give you one!”
  142. “I agree with you, but I won’t betray CoDEC!”
  143. Try to talk Hawkins down.
  144. Try to convince Hawkins through a personal appeal.
  145. Use Lightbearer as a cease-fire between both sides.
  146. Veridian Standoff

Si vis Pacem
Take that, Manfred!
Who the Hell…
The Morningstar

1.0 - Initial groundwork.
1.1 - More additions to both achievements and guides.
1.2 - Finished Hawkins guide and reworked achievemnt explanations.
1.3 - Much clearer explanations, hopefully.
1.4 - Forgot to add Episode 7, added in.


Good stuff, I like the effort you put into this. :slight_smile:

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I agree. Keep it up! :smile:

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Episode 7 is missing from guide.

Thanks for the heads up, added episode 7 in the guide.

Thank you! Though I got a lot of achievements, some I still didn’t know how to get, plus the Hawkins romance. :slight_smile:


I don’t know if it will work for any of you but this happened to me by accident when you get to the part of the story where you get to the space station and get interrogated I guess, when you pick the monosaber or the particle rifle you get to upgrade a skill. Well you can pick the skill then restart from your last check point(make sure to save at the most recent one) and then you can just keep going through the text till you her to upgrade your stats again it keeps it, I’ve had all stats at 20 before which is really annoying when you get your hand paralyzed because it just goes from 20 to 1(it always confused my why it doesn’t just half what you have their unless you have 1 because you still have the other hand so your technically half as good now(


I tried several times to romance Hawkins but kept failing. So, thank you for including their romance guide. It was very helpful!


Anyone have a way to destroy the super weapon and save crown station without romancing Hawkins?

How do you romance Wantanabe

I can´t get the Watanabe romance I am nice to her,impress her with ranged ability when testing out the Lionheart,and even helped people out at the begining because that´s how she reacts better,but I don´t get her to move closer,I don´t know if I´m asking the wrong questions or something,but I always press on the not pry option any help please?

@Adrian_R It’s been a while since I played but maybe your personality stats arent right? I think I remember someone mentioning that in order to romance Hawkins you needed certain personalities so that might also apply to other ROs that might be why.

Hawkings feels strange - I romanced him with my sniper. Perception of 5, Presence of 2 and I don’t know why it worked. Reputation was stellar, though: 88 in the end, warrior and deliberate, defeated him twice in battle and crushed his original mecha the second time.

Did you check the code? What stats are checked for his romance?

A maxed-out Perception build with at least 2 Piloting seems to do it. Just make sure to aim to disable the superweapon after it fires. I haven’t tested it extensively, but your lance doesn’t seem to be needed for the job, so you can redirect them to defend the fleet.

For Watanabe, I’ve heard it helps if you’re more diplomat than warrior, but also more passion than deliberation.

You can also save literally everybody without losing anybody by talking to the commander during the second interlude, having at least three presents, taking your Lance with you to attack the enemy fleet, and convincing steel to let the station survive and your fleet retreat without any more attacks

After some more wrangling, I’ve found another method to get the Just This Once achievement.

Started in a Picton with 3 Piloting and 4 Perspective with Willpower as my dump stat, but made sure to keep Asadi’s relationship high by killing the first three pilots at the beginning, being aggressive and deciding to hunt enemies over securing the automatic rifle prototype. The only thing I disagreed with her on was when I ordered to help the civilians on Vedria Prime, so Watanabe would like me more.

After that, I told her when she’s seconded out with your lance for the recon mission to “bag some impies” and when we met up for the battle, I focused on saving the civilians first via sniping and then engaging the enemy fleet directly. After that, I won the duel against Hawkins and won her monosabre

Before the “final” battle, I met up with Asadi and told her to tell me what was the problem, and gave the answer of “You make sure they don’t die in vain.” It looks like that settles her emotionally enough to live through the next battle, and if you want you can romance her at this point (Don’t try to romance her if you’re trying for Hawkins). I selected the monosabre as my add-on when Chatham asked, because the particle pulse rifle isn’t an option (I didn’t save it previously) and boosted my Piloting to make both 4.

At the “final” battle, I stayed in the middle and split my lance up- Asadi and the rest disabled the superweapon while I defended the remnants of the fleet. That gets your kills up to 98 before you get taken in. If you didn’t romance Asadi then, you can romance Hawkins now by asking her why she’d feed you when she comes by after the interrogator’s first appearance, and agreeing with her on her idea of war- the romance option is “Friends? Of course, or maybe something more…”

After that, you’ll give up your auth codes and Lionheart data (1 Willpower ensures you’ll fail in resisting) and Hawkins will escape with you. From here on, all you have to do is defeat Hawkins but keep her alive and you should be able to get the achievement.


Hey, that actually might work

Looking at code, it seems that you need to have high relationship with Asadi and pick an option “make sure they don’t die in vain” for them to survive the lance split. Only with 65 or higher do the words said stick, so for Kio Asunas out there the only way to ensure his survival is to not split the lance.

Another thing: for the White Death achievement, is taking the monosabre at the selection absolutely necessary, or did I do something wrong? I had a build with 5 Piloting, but still didn’t get the achievement, maybe due to me selecting the Particle Storm Rifle to save Crown Station after.
Or was it due to my invisible bonus being in willpower?

Also as a note for others: You can have 1 Presence and still convince Hawkins through a personal appeal. You can also successfully make both sides cease fire for the Vedrian Standoff award- you don’t seem to need 3 Presence for that like @Infamous originally stated.