[Mecha Ace] Romancing Hawkins

I am sorry if that question was answered before but I couldn’t find it.

I was under the impression that she / he requires a high Deliberation score, but I may be wrong. I guess defeating them the 2nd time in battle may be a requirement, or probably some other score?


Actually, it’s presence followed by deliberation/warrior. Otherwise you just need to suck up to Hawkins at every available opportunity and talk them out of the second fight.


Thank you! Do I need both a high warrior and deliberation alignments?

It is funny that there is an ending in which the MC and Hawkins become renegades, but it is not the happy romance that unlocks the achievement.

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The achievement is that you fall in love with Hawkins and not that you two are together. You can kill her and still be in love with her. Personally, I like the ending where you get her to join the rebellion truthfully. She seems… somewhat happier.


I like this game very much and I tried to use similar mechanics in my Dancing with Demons. I really think that if a feat is that difficult, maybe there should be a mechanism to cheat, so that you can see what happens. I really have to consider it when the time comes for my next work.

I think that just by finishing the game once, one should be able to get a guide on how to get to some achievements. Hm, maybe I should tag @Cataphrak, just in case.

To be honest, I have nothing against having Hawkins as a friend and Fatima Asadi as a romantic partner, I like her fire.


More generally, who are the romancable NPCs? And how to romance them? I played through the game without any romance (though I admit, it didn’t feel incomplete in any way even without a bit of romance, and I’m certainly satisfied).

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All gender flippable NPCs are romanceable. I can’t quite recall who they are, but it’s your wingman, the hangar chief, the bridge AWACS guy, and Hawkins.

I think if you want to romance either, you’ll have to be “all good” with them. Except Hawkins tho (can’t get the achievements xD)

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Hawkins is my favorite NPC in Mecha Ace, he just lives for the battle itself, ideologies be damned.