Romance in Mecha Ace: Heroes of The Verdian War

I was just wondering if there were any female Romance options for the male protagonist? Thank you!

For Mecha Ace? All the ROs can be either male or female and aren’t locked


Do you know which characters by chance?

But the game itself lets you set their gender ? They’re also not locked for MCs of any gender

but here they are anyway
  • Asadi
  • Hawkins
  • Watanabe
  • and the chief petty officer (I think Alexandre was their last name?)

There’s 4 ROs total, iirc there’s your second-in-command, the doctor, a new recruit, and your rival who fights for the other side. I don’t recall their names off the top of my head, tho.

Okay, I got their names. There’s Ensign Asadi, Commandant Hawkins, Acting Ensign Watanabe, and Officer Weaver. You can selected all their genders or do it randomly, if you do it randomly then two will be male and two female


Thanks!!! I let you know which one I pick if I can!