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To receive the white death, you need five perception and you need to snag the particle rifle in episode three

Sorry, I meant the Sword That Cleaves Evil Achievement. That’d probably make more sense for a 5 Piloting character.

You need to Pete Hawkins during your second encounter and you need five Piloting

You also need to bag Hawkins’ Vallier for their monosaber.

Yeah, that’s the second encounter I was referring to

The most amount of points I seem to get in one playthrough seems to cap out at 340 from twelve achievements.
Has anyone else gotten more than that in one story play-through?


@Sujan_Dhakal How’d you get that?

I would like to know as well

I think one of the points would involve Hawkins’s romance route - achievement for, well, achieving it nets you 50 points. Another obvious source is (Wo)Men of Destiny for another easy 25 points, netting you 75 with a completed playthrough. Just This Once! gives +100 and was also probably involved in it, ending gives +25 in all cases.

The most obvious ways to get more would then look like this:

  • Kiss A CHAR. Hawkins gives more points in comparison to other routes. Watanabe, Asadi and Weaver give 25, they give 50.
  • All-male or all-female cast.
  • Saving Watanabe and Weaver without Charisma build by protecting the fleet and not splitting the lance would also be a fairly easy way to get Just This Once if you didn’t set Asadi’s conflict resolution to specific variable.

Vedrian Standoff: You used Lightbearer to force an end to the war. (25 points)

Si vis Pacem: You became head of the Damocles Initiative. (25 points)
Grand Theft Prototype: You recovered a prototype from the enemy. (10 points)
The Morningstar: You have completed the main story. (25 points)
Orlando Innamorato: You fell in love with Hawkins. (50 points)
Bright Slap: You resorted to corporal punishment. (10 points)
Apocalypse: Cancelled: You saved Crown Station from destruction. (10 points)
Orlando Furioso: Defeat the Roland while Hawkins is piloting it. (10 points)
Just this once!: Every major character survived to the end of the story. (100 points)
Red Comet: You flew a swift machine painted red and gold. (10 points)
Who the Hell…: You ended the story with more than 80 Reputation. (25 points)
Take that, Manfred!: You ended the story with more than 80 kills. (10 points)
Men of Destiny: You played through the story with an all-male cast. (25 points)
Yeah, I did my math wrong

Called it! It did feature Just This Once, Men of Destiny and Hawkins being a Char to our… er, Garma?

I think you might be able to get the circus as well? Maybe?

Depends on motivation chosen and first duel’s outcome. Hawkins starts at 50 approval, with their armature being hit they gain +15 to approval. This sums with motivation stated before the first duel, maximum being +6, thus giving you +21 right off the bat. This sums with +6 from Circus, getting you 77 Approval, which is enough for romance.

I believe you can easily achieve a single hit with combat-focused build, but if you don’t… +6 Motivation, +10 from fair duel will sum with +6 approval from being buried in missiles during the second duel. Problem is, romance, I think, is locked behind Imperial prison relationship test flirt that needs 75 approval, something you’d get only if you fight either two duels and win or hit them in the first duel and missile in the second. It still requires “I fight because I enjoy fighting” or “A chance for fame, power, maybe even higher office”.

So we need to hit Hawkins in the first duel to sandwich Circus into this. Piloting build can do this, I believe, I had some issues with Perception, but I think they can do it too.

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This is the maximum set of acheivements I’ve gotten in one playthrough so far, with Perception and Presence boosted to 4 and Will as my dump stat.
If I swap Presence and Will as my dump stat, it’s the same number of points in one playthrough, only I get the achievement of “Anime Je Nai” instead of “Red Comet”.

Funny thing I didn’t find out until now: If you decide to kill Hawkins and destroy the Imperial Fleet at the end, but have high levels of Diplomat and Passion, you don’t command a ship at the end; you’re still a commander in charge of a lance. It’s the only “victory” ending to really do that I’ve found- the only other ones where you don’t command a ship or station are when you join up with Hawkins or run at Crown Station.

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It’s the same for every other character combos. If you destroy the fleet and get the ending cheevo “Just Following Orders”, you still command the lance, war goes on for additional two years and, I think, you can only get Hawkins and Asadi’s scenes.

No, I got a cute scene from Watanabe, too. I guess I just never knew because I never bothered to destroy the fleet rather than force them to surrender. Although, considering Presence was my dump stat that game, I could have tried to convince them to surrender to earn one of the hidden achievements.

Edit: you get a similar scene with Weaver as well, just checked.

Oh, then it’s my bad. I thought seven-year war only had content for Warrior LIs. I started growing very partial towards this ending after finishing the story with two of my canons - there’s just something so appealing about the world ending up like UC Gundam a-bloody-gain. Can’t wait for CoDEC to invent colony drops.

for the Highlander Burial, going into the Chapter 2 Grognard fight via melee with a Manningham should do it. You’ll need Piloting as your top stat, though.