Me, Artbreeder, attempts at recreating Mecha Ace's love interests

I’ve used Artbreeder before, I’ve did my annual replay of Mecha Ace, ended up feeling positively giddy from the sheer degree of emotions main four characters made me feel and decided to recreate them in Artbreeder to best of my ability.

Asadi, both versions.

Can someone please tell me how milk tea shade correlates to skin? When I try to imagine it, it ends up looking like muted coffee with milk, something weirdly ashen. I hope I’ve captured their other features well enough, but I just have no clue what milk tea skintone even looks like.

Female Asadi:

Male Asadi:

Hawkins, both versions

Most filtered portraits went into these two in my attempts to capture their likeness. Given the fact they stand out the most out of the crop, I assume it highlights their extra nature.

Female Hawkins:

Male Hawkins:

Watanabe, both versions

Female one reminds me a bit of Fraw’s overall aura, although she looks much more similar to Mirai. Male one reminds me of Shinji, which is kind of weird since I always imagined him kind of looking like Amuro Ray in my head.

Female Watanabe:

Male Watanabe:

Weaver, both versions

Like Poland, Artbreeder cannot into cornrows or even a basic ponytail. I’ve tried mixing proper parents in, but most cornrows were for female faces and ponytails had caucasian hair textures, so here goes my attempt in making the closest I could do with Weaver’s canonical look.

Female Weaver:

Male Weaver: