Versus Series Fanworks

There doesn’t seem to be a fanworks thread for the Versus series yet (though I apologize if there is and I just haven’t found one. If that’s the case, then please merge this thread with it) EDIT: I forgot to say, but anyone can feel free to post their own stuff here!

I decided to draw a new MC and my version of Gilo just cause and then I started replaying to refresh my memory (and realized I forgot Priscans are basically fancy humans. Oops)

My design for Priscans isn’t exactly human, but I’m pretty sure they still count as humanoid? I’ve already gone too far to go back on the headcanon now :man_shrugging: I used to really like drawing aliens and stuff and haven’t done so in forever so I wanted to have some fun with Versus designs since they’re all aliens and stuff

Anyways, my MC is still a WIP but here’s Gilo

Barefaced version

Version with makeup


I also started on Lady Venuma and decided to go a bit literal on her description of looking like a doll and am basing her on a BJD but I can’t decide on which face style to use for her

Pics under cut

  • Face 1
  • Face 2
  • Face 3

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Awesome artwork! I think a cross between 2 and 3 would look most doll-like. Particularly the eyelashes from 2. :blush:

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Thank you! 2 and 3 are the ones I’m most stuck between. I like the face shape of 2 but 3 has a bit more of the ‘divine’ feel I was going for. I might end up combining the two

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Oooh, your Gilo looks so cool! (Is that a dagger-shaped mirror, perchance?) I especially love the ears. I don’t know why but they kinda remind me of butterfly-wings? Maybe that’s just me. :thinking:

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Thanks! And yes it is (meanwhile, my poetry-loving hippie mc has a flower shaped patch)

I wasn’t planning to do that, but it just kinda happened :stuck_out_tongue: I figured they weren’t interesting enough without the bottom lobe thingies

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Finally finished my MC! Their name is Amaranth and they wish they could ignore all the Versus nonsense and just write poetry all day

The horns are like a recessive gene or something probably and Amaranth doesn’t have any. I only just realized this helmet would really not work with Gilo because of them :confounded: Maybe she has a fancy custom one


Finished Venuma! I originally drew her torso joint and wanted it to be visible to really make her look like a BJD and also it kinda looked cool, but unfortunately I couldn’t figure out a way to place her arms without covering it up :frowning: