More "Vampire: The Masquerade — Night Road" Portraits? [POLL]

We’re pretty happy with the release of the game yesterday.

To celebrate, we’re thinking about commissioning Amy Wilkins to do seven more character portraits. We have five of them picked out—Aila, Reremouse, Jasper Knowles, Millicent, and Giselle—but thought we’d put it to the forums to suggest the last two!

  • Alexander (Lettow’s Ghoul)
  • Carlos (Dove’s ghoul)
  • Edouard (Ministry)
  • Nadia (Julian’s retainer)
  • Other (suggest in a comment!)
  • Viktor (mortal gang boss)

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The art for this is incredible! Really contributes to the game


I’d love to see our lobo.


Agreed that the art is amazing. Please keep this artist in mind for any future art you need to commission, they do great work.


Where is the Art if I may ask?

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Within the game, when you meet certain characters.


I believe this is their website. Here for Artstation and this one for Deviantart. It’s really fun to look at their works!


Go to the Stats and pick Journal then Characters. The portraits will be there after you meet them.


I vote for lobo


Another vote for the puppy


I just love how everyone decided “Lobo” is the official name :grin: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Yeah kinda like to vote for a portrait for our best buddy Wolf too :wink:

Other characters I can think of is the Pink-haired journalist you meet when recover the core in the ruins. Julien? :thinking: (shame she wasn’t a possible “ghoul” option :expressionless:)

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The problem with doing Lobo is that we’d need at least two pics, one for the male and one for the female. :confused:

Maybe unpopular opinion? Lampago (when the MC first met her and when she became you know who) I’d also love to see some of the thin bloods.


Lobo & Lampago would definitely be cool!

And while we’re in the subject of portraits, wasn’t Lettow described as blond? :smiley:


This is a portrait of Lampago. Have you not seen her?

:thinking: Well It could be a non-generic wolf and then let us readers/players decide female or male by selecting the text…I mean a portrait of a wolf for me is still a wolf…is not suddenly apparent the genre unless someone is really into it and want to nitpick the details

I mean how many will be: “Aha! I KNOW that wolf image is of a female/male because THIS specific detail on the snout or the color of the mantle/fur…and as I had chosen male/female I expect to see a difference!”

I mean I hope this is not the first reaction and people are more chill…
And is not like we see the crotch of the animal so it could still be done? :sweat_smile:


I think they mean Lampago but in “Human” version :sweat_smile:

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I think there was only the animal form? I may be remembering wrong though…

No you are correct Lampago portrait is the one of the “Panther” beast of sort

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