Let's make up Crossovers / Cameo in Choice Of Games!

Yep, it might be fun.
I will start first:
CoB / CoD -> CoV (You come across an storybook about Villeneuve, or may be even a dying vampire of the same name as a bonus for high-lore character xD)
CoV -> CoB (Tiny segment where a vampire from CoV feeds on you - somebody old like Governor Overstreet, or maybe West)
CoR -> CoD (You eat a tiny noble called Mendosa. Torres give you big tolls. You also eat the King.)
Yes, I realize they won’t be very canon, but it is fun to think about it.
What’s your ideas?

this would be a neat little touch if things like this were included in CoG Games. Like you said, coming across a book about dragons talking about how stereotypical eating princesses all the time is, in between hunting for food in Choice of The Vampire would be quite kewl \m/

(for example)

I would love to see this! Perhaps they’ll do something like this in the second half of CoV if enough people were to show their support of the idea.

Support added.

CoB/CoR/CoD->CoV You could really have any cameo appearance from other games just because they live forever. They could talk about the old days and about some of the wars in CoB. Say they miss when dragons use to be around. Talk about a time when magic flourished and was divide into to main cottagers. Which in fact would be awesome. :-? I love it when devs put inside jokes into games that you only get with you played other games.

Rather than starting a new thread, I thought I’d revive this old one. How about cross-overs between our user-made games? For example, in The Race you can play a little Choice of Dragons, and the other official games (if you go on the internet in the hotel). I think it would be good to do this with user-made games. Anyone who’s interested, let me know and I’ll add references in Blackraven somehow.

It does sound like it would be a fun thing to do.

But I have no idea how I could make references to someone else’s game in Samurai. Setting’s a bit too different. Although I did use Choice of Broadside’s naming conventions when it comes to countries, don’t know if that counts.

I’m definitely up for people referencing Samurai, and I’ll try to repay the favour in my next game (most likely it will be the Mummy one) when appropriate.

I thought about this, especially with Choice of Zombies coming out but I’d be happy to do it with a hosted game. Maybe someone is playing Samurai or The Race on a mobile phone in my game.

Hmmm… I’ll definitely reference Samurai in Blackraven.
To return the favour would be hard… Off-hand the only way I could think of would be someone asleep rambling madly!

I’ll add Zombie Exodus in there too. As well as any others people want. In fact, I think I will make one set of collection cards purely about CoG games.

Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff were in the Universal films The Raven and The Black Cat. My Mummy game is based on Universal Horror films. It’s not farfetched to have someone ramble about a Black Raven.

Zombies would be easy to reference too.

Also, are collection cards like baseball cards? There could be cards of players named Devlin (I forgot his last name) and Tommy Omu.

Yes they are. The first set will be flowers. There will be at least 30 set to collect, each with 8-12 different cards.

You could add the water lotus and the chrysanthemum to the flower set. It would make quite an obscure reference, but whatever.

@ScarletGeisha Both of ours do take place roughly around the same time period historically (even if in vastly different worlds) giving an easy enough reference to far-flung foreign politics. Strangely it was something I was just thinking about (literally, I started thinking about it today) while watching a few clips of skyrim (below), as I’m going to be adding a number of ‘things’ the PC can get (both titles, like that of an Emperor, and objects, like particularly ornate armor), and was thinking that a few ‘fluff’ objects would be a decent addition (like Curved Swords).

Other than that though, I’m drawing a blank. @andymwhy, Blackraven in particular might be difficult as I’m already going to be include a number of Poe references, and so a shout out in the form of any raven will be more obviously to The Raven.

Oh, Akiviri swords have been in the Elder Scrolls for a long time.

Now I’m thinking about Mount&Blade and how you can chance upon the only copy of samurai armour in the game. Maybe you can have a war mask in the image of a vicious bird (belonging to a character in Samurai, I won’t say who).

What would be good is a mythical person in all the books. Someone who is talked about from nation to nation, generation to generation, but the reader never meets this person. It’d be interesting to see if readers pick up on this character that’s mentioned in a lot of games but yields no google search.

So basically the Waldo of CoG Hosted Games?

That’s… not quite what I was going for…

I’m not really getting what you mean.

Let me try stabbing at this: We create a character which can be referenced regardless of the setting (so long as it’s a human one)?

Yep, that’s about it.

Perhaps via a unique family name… we could make a family tree (with a lot of gaps).

In your story, it could be a wanderer who was seen.
In Reaperoa’s it could be a peasant who is hung in a public service while his son cries in his wife’s arms.
In my story, it could be an inmate who was set up by his brothers who survive on the outside.
With Zombies, it could BE a zombie who you find the wallet of after smashing his head in.

In every story, this character could die before the reader gets to meet him (using ‘him’ every time to keep the same lineage and family name).

Thing about a family name is that it locks you into a particular culture.

And if this is agreed on, I would hope that it isn’t eurocentric for once.