Crossover Ideas

Okay, a lot of people theorize on Choice of Games crossovers…but what IDEAS do you have for those?
Here are a few of mine:

-The Choice of the Vampire protag might be interested in the exploits of Jesse James. What’s to say they might not be quite interested in the exploits of a certain Marshal?
-Our intrepid Sixth-Grade Detective protag looks back through their family tree for a project and finds…a Wild West marshal? A film director? A vampire? A samurai?
-Hollywood Visionary protagonist makes a film of any of the other games.
-Sixth-Grade Detective protag becomes a huge fan of A Study In Steampunk, which might exist as a book in-universe.
-Some sci-fi games cross over when they meet each other on another planet.

Any others? These are only a few, and you guys might have better.


Versus & Starship Adventures
Hero of Kendrickstone & The lost Heir
Demon Trials & The lost Heir
Choice of a Ninja & Choice of the Samurai
THP & Choice of Robots (wacky but possible)
Choice of Kung-Fu & Choice of Samurai & Choice of Ninja
Way Walkers & Choice of Dragon
Choice of Vampire & Scary Estate Agent (hope I have got the right name)
A Study in Steampunk & Emporeum (new one with the planes)
Choice of Vampire & Concert (again, the new one with magic instrument)

Anymore ‘sarcasm
have I read the thing right? could we name the game combos? because if not, sorry!


Fascinating conversations about game design are rudely interrupted when the Blobs arrive on the moon.


@moonwalkerdragon Sure, name them!

@Havenstone choking

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The protagonist of Psi High (or any game set in high school or college) is assigned to read Midsummer Night’s Choice.


I have a book-loving university student in mine! Can this be one of their favourite titles?


Of course! That would be amazing.