A Choice of Games Multiverse?

I’ve been reading a fair bit of the games for years now, around 4 to 5 years. I remember it all starting with Philip Kempton’s The Great Tournament, and I’ve moved from story to story since then. Things have gotten busy, so nowadays I’m not able to keep up with every new one that releases, but just the few that managed to catch my eye first. But as I kept on reading, I started to make comparisons and contrasts between the different characters and plotlines after several games, wondering what if they could speak to one another? To fight?

What would it be like if these characters interacted? (Potential spoilers ahead.)

Imagine if Sir Robert Gale traded vicious steel blows with Vradnir from The War for the West. Or if the Templar Orders from The Golden Rose started searching for a Demon with Golden Eyes instead of focusing on a pirate? Would the Unit Bravo vampires accept an invitation from the vampire Regent of Mordhaven? Would Paul and Richard do so too? Could the Arcadians from A Mage Reborn stand against the combined efforts of The Last Wizard and Archmage of Daria if they ever were to battle? Would King Sobik and King Charles agree with each other on their coldly distant methods of parenting their royal children? What if the masked Archangels stood in the way of the crime families from Life of a Mobster? Did the dryad of Evertree Inn ever make riddles? What if Arlo and Anne found themselves traveling across Thornwood as a meteor falls from the sky? What if the Speck students found themselves at the mercy of Hollow Ground and the other villains from Fallen Hero? Did the higher-ups of Metahuman Inc. ever consider hiring Dr. Mortum for their company? Would the field agents from 180 Files intervene? These are most of what I could think of, but I’m sure there are more that managed to slip my mind.

These don’t include the WIPs I’ve encountered from time to time. I’m just a big fan of these games, and find myself imagining how their narrative threads could subtly mix and intertwine somehow. A fun thought is picturing an arena of sorts, maybe one borrowed from Gladiator: Road to the Colosseum. Crowds of all sorts gathering, a trusty servant pouring some champagne for Aunt Primrose, both situated at the bleachers for the more dignified and noble. To witness the battles below; the skirmishes between the great warriors, tacticians, mages, and fighters of Choice.


I’ve got it. Auguste using Shoryuken on Burn Dinorex. Someone from Creme de la creme using a move from Street Fighter on something from Mega Man X. (5) Credits goes to Hannah P S and Capcom.


It sounds interesting tbh but you need a LOT OF EFFORT to pull that off. I can already imagine lots of work being put into it by a myriad of authors with their own distinct styles. The first book would prolly be like, idk 2 mil words? Or maybe more than that and most of it would be just all the different characters trying to navigate their path into this new world that they’re not used to, alliances will be formed and rivalries will be created, and many will be straight up dead by the time we’re done with the first book.
Overall, this idea feels more like a wet dream for all HG fans but if it were to pass. Well, I’d be nothing short of a miracle :relieved::relieved:

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Interesting idea. I think the most challenging aspect would be negotiating with different authors, even if you’re doing all the writing they still own the copyright to their original works.

As for the plot, I can imagine something like a QT (quick transmigration). There are many stories where the main character has to travel between dimensions or hop between worlds, but from the top of my head I think Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle comes the closes to what you have described.

This manga was produced by CLAMP, the same publisher of big franchises such as Cardcaptor Sakura and xxxHolic. In the story the main character has to retrieve the memories of his loved one which has been scattered through different dimensions, before his loved one fades completely. Each dimension is one of the other works published by CLAMP, creating this huge crossover. At least that’s what I remember from it :sweat_smile:. It’s been a long time.

On a different note, you can always write fanfiction imaging these unlikely encounters. Crossovers are pretty common in the fanfiction community.


Completely different authors writing their own games, and especially given many of the games you are mentioning are HG where for most authors writing games it is at best a side job and for most a hobby (limited time available to write), and the COG games are when authors are on a contract to write those particular games with COG, trying to get particular people together to write a multiverse is very unlikely and how it could be released on the stores if games are HG x COG series could get messy.

If you want one, I’d suggest contacting the authors and asking if they mind fan fiction being written and write it yourself :slight_smile:


Are you making this post to suggest it should become a thing, or just to have people join in on the ideas of what it’d look like?:slight_smile:


I wouldn’t think this would be a problem if it were all authors who own their IPs, it would just be released on HG. (For example I own the IPs of the CoGs I’ve made so if I wanted to write a novel, make a TV show, make a Hosted Game etc using the setting and characters, I could. I’m not sure doing an HG would be all that likely for me but if I wanted to do something very different, that might be a route I’d go). An “official” version of such a thing would require a lot of effort and coordination though!


Definitely the latter. It’s just that sometimes the characters used in the narratives start reminding me of the ones met before them, especially if they have similar themes, and the entertaining notion of plucking them out of their traditional fates in the stories they originally resided in.

Putting all of these great, well-written characters into a room, and witnessing how they might possibly interact, banter, or fight.

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Making this an actual book seems a long shot, but I’m up for fancasting this all day. What WoD clan do you think Blackwell would fit best? And if he visited Wayhaven would he get along with Murphy?

We could even include MCs. Such as if Sidestep looked into the mind of the bastard from I, the Forgotten One would the multiverse survive the exponential growth of self hatred?


I think the therapist from Fallen Hero would be able to have only 2 clients total if those clients are Sidestep and the I, the Forgotten One protagonist. Throw in Leon from AMR for some overtime.

Also, considering the pantheons of gods that exist across these stories…or the Mecha Ace tech leaking into any of the medieval based stories? Ragnarok is upon us (maybe literally if you add in any of the viking inspired stories on top of that).

I think we could have a fun thread if people bring their ideas into this. Good call @Player912, also congrats on your first post :blush:


I was thinking about the CoG games I played, there are some CoG Series that might connect to each other like Zombie Exodus Series or Life of a Space Force Captain (Slight Cameos of Community College Hero). If all of CoG games are combined together, could Choice of Games be one big Multiverse of CYOA games (Inside CoG of course)?