Pick a game, any game! (Poll for story ideas)

After brainstorming for a while and writing a bit to get the creative juices flowing I have three ok ideas to expand upon. Not sure about which one to continue after writing a prologue for each one and so require other opinions to give me a good motivating kick.

Monster Unleashed
You are a monster who has spent all their life swimming round a pocket dimension when suddenly you are dumped out into the real world. Will you massacre all before you? Find a way back home or stay in the real world? Avoid people, police and the mysterious black clothed monster hunters as you go out into the harsh, cold reality to survive.

Guardians Of Time
You are part of a small army dedicated to protecting a mysterious objective in the heart of the mountain fortress you defend. Rise up the ranks as you defend against all kinds of monsters and people who want whatever is in that mountain! End up as the General of the Army or a lowly scout who saved the day or claim the strange object for yourself!

Ordo Haerticum
Be part of a group of mysterious agents tasked with protecting the people against mages and magical creatures by the Shadow Queen. Hunt them down as you learn more about your order and their motives. Be a loyal servant and earn a spot at Her Majesty`s side. Find out the truth whatever the odds or join the heretics side and turn against the Queen as you gain The Forbidden Magic.

All three of these are at equal footing progress-wise. MU is set at modern day time whilst the other two are fantasy-medieval period.

  • Monster Unleashed
  • Guardians Of Time
  • Ordo Haerticum

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All of those sound really cool


Monster unleashed for me . Although , for that one…would be nice if we were summoned! Think tevinter Mage controlling you and using you against his rival or something .

Guardian of Time: Sorry , but that sound like a generic be a soldier and grow a bigger sword in the end . It’s boring for me.

Ordo Haerticum : hum the way you describe it , remind me of the Serie The Geneforge . But with a small summary…I would like to hear more cose as of now…nope .


guardians of time for sure

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Ordo Haerticum and Monster unleashed both look interesting. It kind of would be fun (is that the right word?) if you were summoned like E_RedMark says but either they don’t send you back afterwards or you break free and are suddenly loose in a world you know nothing about.


Great ideas!! All of the ideas Intrigue me but alas I must choose :laughing::tired_face:

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I liked all of these ideas. But, if you forced me to pick one, I’d have to go with Monster Unleashed (though Ordo Haerticum is a very close second).

I will also join the chorus that if Monster is the one made, it would be cool if we were summoned into reality instead of being blindly dumped out.


Monster, Monster, Monster!!!1 :smiley: My brothers and I were just talking about how it’s a damn shame that there isn’t a stealth game where you play the monster, just trying to survive.

Double triple quadruple extra points with a cherry on top if you’re an Eldritch horror and the game is in the vein of H.P. Lovecraft’s the Outsider.


Thanks everyone for the opinions and suggestions! I`ll leave it up for another day or two to see if anything changes but it looks like Ordo Heariticum is pulling out in first. Guess that is the motivating kick I needed.



Hmm I’m not sure what Ordo Hearticium means, you said agents tasked with protecting the people against mages and magical creatures. Do you mean you’d be protecting the people from mages or you mean that you’d be protecting the mages from people who are against them? o.o

The former. Protect the people from mages rather than vice versa. Apologies if I didn`t make that clear.

Oh I thought it’s protecting mages at first lol
Protecting mages actually seem a lot more interesting, there are a lot of games where you protect people from monsters/magic things but I don’t think I’ve seen a game where you can protect innocent mages/creatures from witch hunts and things like that.


Voted for Ordo Haerticum because it reminds me of the mage/templar conflict in Dragon Age and I’d find it interesting to start out on the anti-magic side for once.

Monster Unleashed also sounds very cool. I’d be particularly interested in the character customization here: How can I look? What are my abilities? Can I eat people? Or join a book club?


Monster book club :rofl:

Might be pretty hard to do that with just one monster (you)


Just as I say that the gap evens out a bit. I hear everyone suggesting about the summoning monster idea and might include something like that if it wins.

Ordo Heariticum is intriguing but Monster Unleashed for me. It sounds more interesting and darker.


Oh boy. Now MU is out in front. It will be interesting to see if that changes or not.

Aaaaand it`s changed again. Guess I’ll get started on OH

Aw come on ! Monster! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Wow, i’m surprised to hear someone mention Geneforge.