If You Could Make or see a COG for an Official Licence


Clearly this would never happen for reasons we have all been told, but if COG were allowed to make a game around a licence I’d be curious which ones people would opt for seeing.

Personally having seen several super hero games done so far I still would love one set in the Marvel Universe, especially if it was an X-Men game where you happen to be a new member of Charles Xavier’s school, either as a student or a new teacher. Pick your powers, interact with the other X-Men like Kitty Pryde, Jubilee, Colossus and Wolverine, get the chance to date one - my male character and female character would totally be hooking up with Psylocke and Nightcrawler respectively - or even go rogue and side with the Brotherhood or Hellfire Club. Plus battle Sentinels, Purifiers, Apocalypse and Mr Sinister. An expansive game like that in the Marvel Universe would be a dream for me.

Alternatively a game in the Doctor Who Universe where you get to be the Doctor or a new companion would be Fan-Tast-Ic! Travel in the TARDIS, interact with aliens, help out UNIT or Torchwood, face off against Daleks, Cybermen and the Master. All in a season style game with multiple adventures affected by your choices.

Those are my two main picks, I would love to hear yours.


Star Wars. Nuff said.


Well, The petal throne is from an official license, The world of Tekkumel a mythical and hardcore difficult table rpg. I would love The White wolf World of darkness license That universe is perfect for cog.


@Poison_Mara Old World of Darkness or New? But really, there’s already a White Wolf World of Darkness game. Choice of the Vampire appears to have some very heavy White Wolf influences.


@fantom Oh heck yes, so many options for awesomeness, be you a Bounty Hunter or Jedi or Smuggler or Sith or Droid or Trooper or such. Like KOTOR: The COG Version.

Speaking of stuff with Star in the title, I would love a Star Trek game where you were a crewman on the Enterprise (TOS or TNG, Kirk and Picard are both awesome) or Stargate with you on a SG crew battling Gould and Replicators and such.


Since we’re on the topic, I’ve always wondering what would required to do a licensed game of a major title such as Star Wars and the like.


Mass Effect. That is all.


I just played old one, new versions of rules frequently are terrible bad or plainly boring. And about Choice yes has some similarities. But what i would love is a modern one with the clans Vampire bloodlines style . I could imagine several games / missions where you maintain same character trying to survive


I’d love a Harry Potter game! It was such a huge part of my childhood and I always wanted to go to Hogwarts :wink:


@fantom Being very good with Disney I guess, EA seems to have ten years of games planned once Battlefront is out. I remember a while back hearing Telltale might be doing something with Star Wars but of course loads of licences are suggested with them, but since they’re doing a Marvel game for 2017 I guess a SW one isn’t impossible. If they can do something as great as Tales from the Borderlands I’d be on board with it.


The Kingkiller Chronicle. Playing as Kvothe and being in control of how he became a legend, would be a dream come true.


Second a Harry Potter game, I just love the universe.

I think a really fun one to pull off would be Pokemon as well. I’d love to see something like it.


I’m going to sound a little pedantic here, but I would kill for the “license” to expand the world set down in Choice of Broadsides

Choice of Broadsides 2?

I’d like to see Firefly/Serenity. For all the plot holes and bungles, that was an evocative setting and compelling story that deserved at least one more season.


Borderlands. I love that world and would adore doing a fan expansion on it, a la Tales from the Borderlands. I’ve actually thought about throwing something like that together, which I think would be fine as long as I didn’t try to sell it.


I second every single suggestion made on here so far. :thumbsup:


I’m old school, so I’d say World of Darkness/Vampire the Masquerade.

For just raw sales, probably Harry Potter.


While not an official licence the first ever game idea I had for Cog was actually a Mass Effect cyoa.


I would love to write such a thing, but I guess a bit pointless if it can never be published. Plus I would never be able to live up to the actual games. Out of interest was shepard the main character in your idea?


It can’t be published by CoG but as long as it was clearly marked as a fan-only project you could host it on a website for free.

The idea revolved around an OC who was the security chief on an Alliance funded ship (it was set between Mass Effect 2 and 3. The player would have been either human, asari, krogan, turian or quarian.