COG Games you'd like to see sequels to

Title self-explanatory.

Oddly enough, most of the COG games I played were coincidentally mostly one-shot stories with self-contained narratives, so I don’t know many COG games I can think of that could be make to a sequel. but there are exceptions.

I hope to one day see a sequel of Welcome to Moreytown. The premise and story I think still has alot of potential. I’d like to see more of how different human cultures react to Moreys, I’d like to see more playable species if possible (like maybe moreau skunks or raccoons?) Heck, there doesn’t necessarily even have to be a sequel persay, you could do a game with an “elsewhere story” where you play as a moreau living in a city that’s more human centric population-wise, with everything that goes with it.

There’s also possibly Sixth Grade Detective, again, doesn’t exactly need to be a sequel, but a prequel would be pretty cool (3rd Grade Detective, maybe?) since the game already established the MC as someone who’s been solving mysteries since they were very little. Having us solve mysteries as a much younger MC with everything that would follow seems pretty interesting to me.

but enough about me, what COG games would you like to see be given sequel that haven’t got one yet?


Hollywood Visionary, set in Modern Day.


Do HGs count as well?

If so,

Apex Patrol

Also Study in Steampunk but at the same time the endings are just so perfect and beautiful and I love them like I love that entire game. :heart: :heart:

And also it would be really fun, I think, to get not so much a sequel but almost a prequel to Fatehaven, especially since at the end it talks about all those other lives you’d led and how many different things you were before. I don’t know about you but I would love to read more about some of those.

But yeah, Apex Patrol and Study in Steampunk are definitely my top two wish-upon-a-star sequels.


Pendragon Rising. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere else in the forums that it was a one and done game but the ending had so much potential for a sequel and I admit, I desperately want to make sure Arta’s ending stays happy.

Spoilers: I seriously owe Arta because I didn’t realize that her cute childhood friend, Morgan, was her half-brother and so I romanced him and next thing I knew they were having a baby. You know, that baby. I feel like I owe that kid some sort of conciliatory reaching-out actions in a sequel because if it were me I’d be hurt and massively disturbed to learn the truth regarding my parentage.


Even though it doesnt really need one, I would absolutely love to see a sequel to Metahuman Inc. Its one of my favorite games to date, and a sequel would just be amazing.


I would love to see a sequel for guns of infinity.i really loved the way the author portrayed the character about joining the royal dragoons and rising up the ranks based on the choices you make in the battlefield…so, it was pretty cool and the way they ended the second part of the possibility of a sequel, and I have been waiting for it since then.


Lucky for you, there is going to be a third game.


Maybe not a continuation of the original story line, but I’d love to see another Western game like Tin Star, this time with a new cast travelling the Oregon Trail. Fewer bandits and stuff, more environmental challenges.



Nola is Burning
Choice of Zombies
Choice of Broadsides


Best of Us
Scarlet Sails
Tin Star
Way Walkers: University


Going through the list of games on my phone… choice of the ninja, a game that isn’t talked about much, but I love it. Don’t know how a sequel would be done, and it wont tbh, but considering my mc always goes off with their childhood sweetheart at the end I’d love to see a sequel with that ending. I’d like to see a sequel to choice of the romance too. Yes I know there are ones already :stuck_out_tongue: , but not if you choose to marry for love, which is the route I always pick :stuck_out_tongue: .

I’d also like to see a sequel to alter ego. Again, know it’ll never happen, but a modern version with more gender and orientation options would be just amazing. I’d also love to see a sequel to dilemma. Don’t see this game talked about ever, and it is really short, but I just love the unique gameplay and story and considering the ending there’s definitely room for a sequel. I’d like a sequel for double cross for the same reasons too, loved that game.

Not so much a sequel, but I’d like another game by the author who wrote neighbourhood necromancer and for rent haunted house. Not too many games set in England, and those games have a unique and amazing feel to them, for rent is one of the best and funniest games in my opinion.

I think my day off work has tons of potential for a sequel, and since it’s the most recently released on my list maybe the most likely? Loved the unique gameplay, and it was really funny. I’d love to see a sequel either in another setting or time period. I think mecha ace would make for a great sequel, loved the story and depending on the ending there’s definitely potential for it.

So yeah quite a long list, and don’t think any of them are even slightly likely besides maybe a day off work :’( , but at least I’ve got ZE safe haven part 2 to look forward to :slight_smile: .


There’s a lot I’d like to see. They never finished the choice of the vampire series. Still waiting for way walkers university 3 and I would love to see another slammed! The hopefully we will get a sequel to guns of infinity soon and another unnatural.

Would love to see a sequel to Choice of the Vampire.


there’s already a sequel to it

I would love a sequel to Alter Ego. That game was just so unique, and it was great.


I meant a sequel to the Fall of Memphis.


I would like to have a sequel of “So, you’re possessed”, in my opinion it’s a very good game who deserves it


I have some good news for you, then:


WHAAAA! I had no idea thanks alot! It’s time to piss of the little demon again :wink:


The Hero Unmasked, obviously. Granted, with the various endings (I’m not even certain I found ALL yet) that might be tricky, but as someone said about other games before, maybe not impossible.


If I had to pick only one, it would definitely be choice of broadsides. Now that the engine is mastered by so many who have brilliant ideas themselves, it would be awesome. There are so many potential plots to be done ! :wink:
It’s myself have an idea for a sequel that was hanging in my mind for a while, let me explain. It wouldn’t even have to be about life at sea, or not in most part. I think the end to the first game might be an interesting way to introduce us to the life in high society of 19th century Albion (England) , now that our character has become a national hero, admiral and married, he can turn to living the life of a high society gentleman with his family and all the intrigues that come with it. As an important and highly demanded figure he will have to turn to the sea again but other than that it’ll be interesting to see how our character interacts with his time after the napoleonic wars in maybe a Victorian mood : the scientific progress, the colonies, the contrast between rich and poor, art, societal life, engaging in relationships of all kinds, politics, sex, rivalries and duals, entertainment …

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