COG Games you'd like to see sequels to


Of the official CoG lines:

Welcome to Moreytown: Even if not a sequel, I did like the idea of the world, and wanted to explore it more. Not that I didn’t have complaints, but my enjoyment of it was still pretty good.

Sixth Grade Detective - What can I say, I loved Encyclopedia Brown when I was younger, and this was sort of in the same vein.

Psy High: Yeah, the college years. Do you keep a long distance romance going or find new love?

Slammed: What can I say, I would love a bit where we either protect our belt along with real life drama with family/love interest…or if we lost, having a second shot at the championship.


I always have time for the Craft Sequence, so more Deathless related CoGs would be wonderful!


Maybe it didn’t sell enough to justify it, but I also thought Sixth Grade Detective could have spawned a sequel, or even a series. Either keep them in Sixth grade, or even do a progression with Seven Grade Detective, etc, where the character get older and MC grows up with them. Would have to keep it rather episodic to make this work, but I thought this one would have been a great fit for an episodic series. My daughter, who was 9 or 10 at the time, really liked it.


I agree; that was one of the reasons I actually will be doing at some point in the future a game where the MC is a detective in a noir setting. Not as a kid since it wouldn’t sell much in the visual novel market, but still.

This is a case where if the author had a chance, I would have loved to see 3 or 4 cases, done episodically especially if tied to a specific school year.


We’re on the same page. I have dozens of pages of notes about a lawyer game (or possible series). Cases are just perfect for that sort of approach. Maybe two 25,000-word episodes released at a time for like $1.99. Focus would be on the journey as much as it would be the destination, because you’d always need a common jumping off point for the next release.

I mean it worked for Star Trek, soap operas, pretty much any cartoon. I don’t know why HGs (or CoGs) necessarily have to resemble a novel instead of a tv series.

(But it would require the creator to be consistent in releasing new episodes to keep interest, at least once if not twice a year, which would be a grind)


The other benefit to this approach is when you are done for the year, you could also sell it as a ‘complete edition’ and each case is a natural chapter divider.

It would work with the right effort. I can name 3-4 Visual Novels off the top of my head doing this, as well as this being the Tell-Tale model.

That is the biggest rub. I mean, if I work on space opera for a while, I might want to jump to fantasy in the next.

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Tack on an independently offered free ‘origin story’ where you get to define some basics about your character (and their stats) and carry them forward into each game and you’ve got me. With a standalone character generator you could also (if desired) allow people to play episodes in any order while allowing them to maintain a feeling of character ownership.

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Choice of the Dragon all the way it was my first choice of game and id love to see a sequel to it.


Choice of Robots. I know it doesn’t really need one, but I thought maybe a sequel where you play your robot trying to carry on the MCs legacy would be really cool.


Hero rise and fall trilogy and the hero redemption. Zombie Haven. The Great Tournament. Choice of robots. Bunch of set in space COG games.


Metahuman incorporated, maybe me can run psyon if we cant continue to run metahuman that and psy high


The next game in the Hero Rise series is supposed to come out this winter.


The problem is that many games where enjoyable but not all are suited to sequels : choice of Rockstar, Showdown at Willow Creek, choice of dragon, Runt of the litter, …
Saga of the North Wind however would be deserving of a sequel, in the same way we did with choice of romance I believe ; the possibility to load the save from a previous game. We could se what happened to the tribe after our heroe’s story and how his descendants rule. We would play as one of them or just another member of the tribe.


There are so many good games that i would lovr a sequel.

From CoG
Choice of the pirate
Mecha Ace
Choice of Kung Fu
The fleet
Psy High

And specially, from HG😍
Life of a wizard
The dryad’s riddle
Best of us
Way walkers 2(don’t know how that works if they are going to do a 3 part of not but anyway i love it)
Evertree Inn
Lords of Aswick

And And! The lost Heir trilogy… I know I know! Is finished but come on😁 it has one of the most develop fantasy stories universes in all CoG and HG with two different stories on it don’t come and tell me you wouldn’t love another book in Daria’s universe (even though Daria is a kingdom and all that)


Pretty sure there’s a Lords of Aswick follow-up in the works. Or was that Kendrickstone? Those two and Lost Heir somehow all blend together for me.

Spraking of Lost Heir (and Life of a Wizard), Lucid is definitely working on a follow-up for that. IIRC it’s just called Hero of Daria and you can read all about it on the Forums. Hero of Daria: The RPG (WIP)


I had no idea of that!
Imma looking at right now thanks for the info Spire!



Evertree Inn is having a sequel

I’d love a sequel for alter ego too

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Ya me too, but I wasn’t sure if alter ego was part of CoG.


Well, i dont count the games that are established as part of the series, because ofcourse i want to see sequels for them, but those are already on the way (Way Walkers, Versus, Heroes Rise, Zombie Exodus - all amazing games).
I also dont include games that span a long length of time or were just fully exploring a certain character’s story in my opinion. Like Life of a Wizard or Choice of Robots. For them i would like maybe not seqyels, but just another games by those authors.

So fir actual sequels i think it would be:
Creatures Such As We - that game was unique and actually i would be afraid if a sequel could pull that off to have as meaningful story, but my character certainly end in a way that their story could be exoanded as to what happens next to them.

Vampire House - i like that game very much and i think sequel could work where with our boyfriend/girlfriend we solve another supernatural mysyery and learn more about supernatural world.

The Orpheus Ruse - another one of my favourite games, that i think are not mentioned too often. Expanding the story working on other cases for the restructured agency could be interesting.

Psy High - college years.


This might just be me but I think a sequel to Reckless Space Pirates could be fun.