COG Games you'd like to see sequels to


Sometimes, the multiple endings of a game make sequels all but impossible, but let’s be idealists, just for this post. Games I’d like to see more of in the form of sequels are:

The Eagle’s Heir
Tin Star
Pendragon Rising

I was just going to put Hollywood in my list, but this idea is too good to pass.


I would really like to see sequel(s) of

Killing Time(or something like that I forgot its name)

And Metahuman Inc.

Edit:- It’s Wise Use of Time rather than Killing Time


Did you mean Wise Use of Time for the first one, there?


Oh yes sorry it was soooo long ago :sweat_smile:

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Runt of the Litter. I really loved my gryphon

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Fair point, a sequel to pendragon rising would be great.

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The American 2016 Presidential election. Best COG ever, lol.:laughing:


Nah. That one has the ultimate fake choices.


Yeah, true enough: too much illusion of choice for my taste, but still: Very entertaining.


Please no politics on here. Theres a thread for that.


Choice of the Dragon was a pretty solid game, the only problem I had that mates didn’t make a difference to the story or character despite being so hard to win in the first place.

A sequel would be cool, though I imagine a lot of readers have already requested it, which makes me wonder why one was never made.


A sequel to Choice of the Dragon would be an instant best seller but I’m betting that Dan and Adam are too busy with the publishing and editing side of CoG to want to write that story.


whistles to himself what no-one has based a CoG/HG as a TV series. :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Pls I would love to see another community college hero’s. I’m in love with that game


@Gabriel27 It’s coming! 2018


Wow. Thank you so much for telling me I’m pumped!!


I kinda want a sequel of “Sixth Grade Detective.” This time it’s about their highschool life or something.

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I wonder if we’ll ever get a sequel to The Fall of Memphis.

I’d also be interested in a spin-off/sequel/prequel to Affairs of the Court, to expand on its world building.


Choice of vampire 2. I want MORE!


There is a choice of vampire 2