COG Games you'd like to see sequels to


I want the sequel to that! #3!


Aw man what I wouldn’t give for another title in Choice of Deathless series…


What I wouldn’t give to have a spin off with the original LIs (I miss Wakefield :sob:)

Mark me Down for:

  • I, Cyborg
  • Empyrean
  • Choice of the Deathless
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I wish there’s another story in the world of A Study in Steampunk. Maybe not the same character but the world building is just too awesome for one story.

Other stories I love (Werewolves Haven Rising, Tally Ho, Evertree Inn, The Superlatives, Wayhaven Chronicles) have confirmed or have published the sequel (or stories built in the same world), so I’m happy.


It would be Mysteries of Baroque for me,I guess. The scientist can create another living being in the same universe. It would be so much fun to once again play a dead-ish human!


1)Killing Time
2)Choice of Robots (maybe a spinoff of some kind)
3) A wise use of time.
4) Hollywood Visionary (just like @JimD said)
5) Slammed!
6) Metahuman Inc.
7) Empyrean


Heart of the House
Grim & I


Choice of the Dragon and Choice of the robots