Showdown at Willow Creek


well i just saw that there was a new CoG and i tried it out, i think it is ok, it didnt really get my attention very much but what do you guys think about this new CoG


I haven’t finished but I like it so far


What I remember from the beta it was a well-written, decent, solid game, with an interesting story. It didn’t inspire me to want to replay it mind you, although it did leave me hoping for a sequel, which was a feat since I’m not interested in Westerns. That’s not to say that it ended on a cliffhanger, since it wrapped everything up, and there was so much variation in the end I suspect a sequel will likely never happened. I was just intrigued by the idea of travelling around the Wild West, investigating things.

It was enjoyable, an interesting diversion, the price point feels right for the length of the game, and the amount of choice in it.

It may have changed from the game I beta-tested mind you.


This is the first CoG I’ve ever purchased, although it isn’t the futuristic, supernatural, or fantasy game that usually catches my eye, it has a similar gunslingin’ lawman appeal to ‘Tin Star’, in an entirely different writing style. That said, for $2 it’s awfully short, it’s not particularly difficult, and doesn’t have a whole lot of options that significantly affect the story-line (as far as I could tell).

I enjoyed it, and would certainly recommend it if you’re into detective stories or Westerns. Hoping for a sequel too.


It took me 1 hour and 20 minutes to finish the beta, while somehow managing to skip a large chunk of the last chapter. So I don’t think that’s too bad for $2. It’s not an epic like Slammed! but it is a complete story in its own right and I did find it interesting.

Most of the choices impact the ending, from what I recall. There’s a vast number of possible outcomes you can have there, and they’re reliant on previous actions. The fate of Willow Creek is very much in your hands. So it is replayable on account of the multiple endings, and the shortness of the game does support that type of replayability. It’s more feasible to replay a short game trying to discover all of the endings, then it is to do so with a longer game. Four romantic interests to pursue too, which again adds a bit of replayability.

I’m not into detective stories, or Westerns, but I did still enjoy it. It’s not a game I’ll rave about (like Slammed!) but it’s a good, solid game.

Heh, I just read my beta feedback and apparently I enjoyed it immensely while playing. There was also the option to take a diplomatic, or more violent path through the game. I did like that.


Having played the demo, I can already say it’s well and above a lot of the other, miss parts of CoG’s track record. I think the system they have of how you get better at a skill you use is nice, and the ability to “choose” which skill you’re using here or there is wonderful even if I think the way they implemented it is a bit clunky.

However, I’m already getting a few bad rubs from the demo alone, and that makes me wonder about the rest.

First and foremost is the dialogue when whoever it is bails you out. The first time I played it with everybody’s favorite “soiled dove”, it seemed very cute and fitting indeed, hypocritical humor and all. Then I did Amelia- your employer with apparently a different personality- and it seemed far less so.

Is it that wise for everybody to come up to you, say the exact same words, and say them in the same way? That makes me question the characters and how truly independent they are (even if they are well written in all other matters).

I mean, even if they use the same words, it sounds like they should be saying them differently because of their differing priorities and relations (like Amelia referencing taking it out of your paycheck as a whole rather than the payment for the job).

And using the exact same words would need some sort of explanation too to make it slide. Is that the catch phrase of a much loved/much hated town preacher that everybody’s seen before?

Again, just a quick criticism. The rest does sound good.


@Turtler Bails you out of what? Which part of the game are you referring to?



The start, midway through- or just after- character creation. When you’re having someone pay your bail at jail.


Are you sure you read things correctly? I thought that it’s always Amelia who pays your bail.



Good point; that was one possibility that popped up midway through responding to you.

I’ll check again. Thanks.


I enjoyed the story a lot it was quite well written


There are places where the romances do all say/do the same thing. It’s not as bad as the third Choice of Romance game though, and there are notable differences as well. I pointed out a few places where I thought it was out of character for them to react the same and from just glancing at the code it looks like my comments were taken onboard.


Spoiler alert
I’ve just purchased it, and enjoyed it so far, except that in the trial version you play online, when you rely on luck to capture the escaping horseman, you catch him. However, three times I’ve tried it on the purchased app version, used the exact same choices, and still every time I end up losing him and getting shot. Did they change that result halfway through? There’s no luck stat and I’ve made the exact same decisions I did before.



Looking at the code there’s two ‘luck’ choices, one for if you have high gambling, and one if you have high shooting. They’re not luck based. I suspect there’s something that you’ve not done the same.


I loved the crap out of it. While playing it i had this song playing in the background looping all the way through

Still only made one playthrough (as Clint fucking Eastwood) but I have a complaint, I played as a bit of a wild man through the entire game choosing options that told the game that I liked the wilderness as opposed to civilization but the meter “Power of Science” never went below 32%

And then, at the end, in the Mexican Standoff I had no choice but to either agree with Mason and let him flood the town (for science) or give him a better scientific alternative. What the hell? I played as a Wild Man the entire game, why would I suddenly know anything about science? I didn’t even have the option to shoot Mason in the face like I wanted to. So that was a disappointing ending for my character.

Aside from that, great game. Shooting fools from horseback, having a gunfight on top of a train, killing 4 men at with one revolver, good stuff.


Honestly, I got through this in about 20 minutes, and the story line, while well written, was not as engaging as other games I’ve played. I appreciate the game, after much thought I decided not to return it to the app market, but I do feel more depth could have improved this game drastically.


Sounds like you’re a fella who gets his salsa form New York City.


Twenty minutes? Really. I timed myself during my first playthrough and it took me an hour and twenty. Admittedly I was playing the game slowly, since I was also taking notes for feedback, and I was taking time to consider my choices, but I’m surprised that there’s a whole hour of difference. I even managed to skip a huge chunk of the last chapter.

It is more short story than novel, more episode of a tv series, than movie, but I did think it was a nice, self-contained story and well worth the $2 price.


It really did take me 20 minutes. Albeit that was on my second play through. I was so surprised by how short the game was that I decided to time myself. I didn’t take any notes, nor did pause much to consider my choices. I worked out the ‘best’ ending regardless of character skillset, in all of my play throughs. I have purchased every single game from Choice, and some I have loved, and others I have had mixed feelings about. This is one of those I have mixed feelings about. And I love Salsa, but I’ve never been to New York City.


New York City is awesome. Just take more than three days to explore it if you ever go. And it took me around twentyish minutes or less as well to beat it. Sort of like a side mission from a longer game imo.