Founders Saga - The Culling

Anyone else got it yet?

Just finished it there and was devastated it finished just as I was getting into it. Seems like it could be so much more! Definitely recommend playing through for free before purchasing.

Not sure about you but don’t think its worth the price. And before anyone says I’m moaning etc I own every CoG and Hosted game available on iOS and have bought them all :stuck_out_tongue:


What’s it about?
This is the first I’ve heard of it

Yeah I just randomly saw it up on hosted games today. Premise is fun but the silence is odd.

So why is it that you believe it isn’t worth the price?

Yeah, I definitely feel it stops just as it is hitting it’s stride. I feel like we are getting more and more games that are conspicuous prequels and don’t feel complete in their own right.

My favourite COGs are ones like Choice of Romance. The first Choice of Romance was complete in its own right and told a fully contained story, while still leaving itself open for more story to be added.

This feels like it cuts off half way into the story. Don’t get me wrong, what is there is excellent and I really enjoy it, but I feel it will be much more enjoyable when the next X amount of games in the series come out and there is a whole story there.


I thought it was ok. I get the impression it is just the opening chapters however given the short length. Last I checked though it was not being charged for.

It took me maybe 30 min tops start to finish had another replay and wasn’t that much different.

I don’t believe it’s worth the price because of now short it is. Usually when the game is free you get the first few teaser chapters then you pay to play the rest.

With this one it feels like you get the first few chapters free as a teaser then where you would expect the pay to play to be there is nothing at all just finishes.

You can’t really develop relationships as much and your only teased about what your character is about to do.

It’s set in the future and you open up to a job interview except the interview is more like the hunger games. Your character is a participant you guide them through maybe 5 major choices interview is over next stage has you dealing with the event after interview maybe 5 to 8 major choices then it ends.

Also feel like it could do with a bit more background your thrown into a parallel word where business is literally warfare but nothing is actually properly explained about the 3 organisations you encounter

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I thought the little I saw was great and can’t wait for the next one.

You don’t have to pay you can play through adverts but I like to pay for it to support the community and encourage more people to make games

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The pricing they are doing for it is kind of weird. If you play it on the website it is free, but if you download it on Android (and I assume it is the same on Ios) then you can download it for free and play it (with ads) for free. Then if you want to replay it you can either:

Pay an small amount to replay immediately (a little over $1 for me take into account that I am in Australia so there are currency conversions etc)

Wait 20 minutes for it to unlock and you can play again for free

Pay to unlock the full version (no ads and no replay wait times) for a little over $4


Odd way to do the pricing - I played on the web site which was totally free.

Yeah my one complaint is that it seems to stop right as it hits it’s stride. Which really disappointed me as it is a really cool concept.

I have just finished playing the game for the first time. And there is one thing that really disappointed me: there is a problem with female gender main character. By this I mean that even if you select you character to be female everyone will still refer to you as “he”. For me it’s really annoying because I play as female characters only (except those games where this option is not available at all; there I have to play by the set rules ^^"). I think it’s the problem of coding and do hope that it will be solved someday; I really liked the setting itself and how the game goes (even though it ended a bit abruptly).

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I found the premise and the writing very interesting, but I was disappointed with it ending so abruptly (even though I kind of expected it). When the next part comes out, I’ll probably play it, but I really hope it’s longer.

I was getting into it, started to get into the characters and the flow of the game and then… Bam. Over and done with.

Ended much too quickly and abruptly. It was a unique story about sci-fi poverty and business, like I said I was getting into the characters but because it was so short I was only scratching the surface with them and it was a bit of a let down.

Overall. This could be a great game, hell it might still be able to with the next parts, but the shortness of it was the biggest downside.

A few things:

  1. The second challenge during the Culling, where you have to get past the guards. I picked the combat route and knocked them unconscious. They proceeded to get back up like nothing happened shortly after, and I had to pretend that I was a camera to help Vic, but the guards didn’t let him move on. My questions are: why did they basically ignore being attacked? Why couldn’t I just continue beating the crap out of them?

  2. During Murderpunch, there are several instances where you don’t get paid after winning. As is, it looks like you get nothing after going for the murderpunch unless you knock out chicken dude on the last round.

Overall I really liked the game. My complaints are similar to everyone else’s. It ended just when I was getting into it. It’s far too abrupt, only felt like half a game.

One thing I noticed is that, when playing as a woman, I’m always given male pronouns. Every single time, and while that normally wouldn’t feel immersion breaking to me, it is so regular that I stop every time it happens, which is quite a bit.

Enjoyed the game (Up to the end, which, like Versus, felt more like building up to a sequel), but that really turned me off.

I echo the complaints about the gendered verbs. That took me aback and made me frown. I wish the writer had bothered to do a beta or something on the forums. I feel like that would’ve helped a lot.

Though, that being said, this was really good, if abruptly short. I understand the whole series thing, but it should’ve had an end. Even if it was the end, there should’ve been some sense of lead up/climax/and then resolution. I’m glad I didn’t pay the $3, because I would’ve been very irritated if that was the case.

Have to agree with everyone here, it does end just when it’s getting interesting. But a good story none the less. I personally enjoyed it.

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