True RPG Request


Ok, this is just me being impatient and if anyone feels like it sounds like just me complaining feel free to stop reading. I’ve spent a lot…a lot of money on the games because I love them and I’m a sucker, because a lot of them happen to suck xP and aren’t worth paying for. Maybe it’s just my preference though.

Tin Star, Life of a Mobster, Life of a Wizard, Choice of Robots, hands down the best games to be released from either Hosted Games is CoG. The amount of variety is absolutely crazy and it’s your character. Truly your character. You build this person up, from beginning to end and it feels like a new character every single time. The story is ridiculously long in comparison to the other games that come out, and it doesn’t feel thin, every portion is meaty and keeps you engaged. And get this, at the end, these games reflect on your story and how you impacted the world, it’s a beautiful thing I can’t stress it enough. That being said, everything else played after these games were disappointing.

Shout out to the authors of the previously mentioned stories, they’re truly amazing and well worth the money. And if you don’t mind, let’s make a new one! A good one! One like the others with vast variety, unlimited replay ability and seemingly no restrictions! THAT, THAT is worth paying for. Thank you, end of rant.


It is just your preference. It’s clear from your post you like a specific sort of game.

You see those sorts of games you love? They’re not my favourite type of game on the site, but that doesn’t mean I think they suck and aren’t worth paying for. They’re just not to my taste. If you think games aren’t worth paying for, it’s easy, don’t pay. :slight_smile: Try out the demo, find out the word length, judge from there whether you want to buy it or not. Hey even ask on the forums.

You’ve three Hosted Games listed there (two by the same author in fact) and one Choice of Game. That’s significant in itself because there’s definite differences between Hosted Games and Choice of Games. The Hosted Games authors can better afford to create huge epic games with lots of branches and choices because they have no deadlines, and they’re generally not relying on their writing as a source of income.

And Choice of Robots was insanely complex, written by someone with a PhD in computing science. I don’t think it’s fair to expect all (or indeed any other) Choice of Games to be like that.

You can’t really compare 300K+ word games with games that are 120,000 words. (Which is still a substantial length).

I’ve a suggestion. Why don’t you make the sort of rpg that you’d love to play? Because that’s by far the easiest way to ensure that another game of that type is released.


It’s sounds like you have a certain style of story you love which is fine. The thing is Choice of Games and Hosted Games are written by several authors so the genres and the quality varies as authors write what they love to write about.

Take Tin Star which was an awesome game was written by the talented @AllenGies who also wrote Marine Raider and Mobile Armored Marine and his latest release was The Shadow Horror.

Life of a Wizard and Life of a Mobster were written by the also talented @Lucid who also happened to write Paradox factor and The Lost Heir: Fall of Daria.

Now Choice of Robots was written by Kevin Gold (Sorry I don’t know his account name so can’t tag him).


Well you have understand this company is not focused in one style of gamebooks only. I am a gamer of rpg and adventure games only , maybe some strategies sometimes. But that doesnt mean rest of genres suck Or games only have to mean to be playing as a role playing


Maybe you should give choice script ago and write your own rpg type, interactive novel?

Not everyone likes the same things. There are some titles, I personally will stay away from because the genre is something I’m not into reading but that doesn’t mean it sucks. Then there are others that I won’t give a second thought to buying because it’s something I know I’ll enjoy.


Ridiculously long games with lots of options take a very long time to code. I’ve spent months on my WIP, and just started writing a game for the CS contest that I think I can finish in about a week. It will in no way be an inferior game, just a shorter and simpler one.

I wish more authors would code stuff like that, so there would be something to play while we’re slogging away at our various year-long projects. But you can’t force someone to make something; inspiration doesn’t work like that.

Give me enough money and I’ll find the inspiration, but most authors don’t make much off their games - it can be tens of thousands, but divide that by the hours spent coding, and it’s clear that these games are a labor of love. Therefore, I’m glad that other people are as crazy about them as I am, and code them anyway.