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Firstly I would like to apologize if this is an inappropriate way to go about doing this. I simply wanted to praise my favorite games. Also if anybody knows the names of the author’s that would be great. Also I’d like to add that I’m a huge supporter of Choice of and Hosted Games; I’ve purchased and downloaded several games. And by several I mean: Both Vampire games, SLAMMED!, The Orpheus, Broadsides, The entire Heroes Rise Series, Mecha Ace, Dragon, Kung Fu, Reckless Space Pirates,Showdown at Willow Creek ,Deathless, NOLA is Burning, Rock Star, The entire Romance Series, Life of a Wizard, Sabres of Infinity, Life of a Mobster, Paradox Factor,Trial of the Demon Hunter, The entire Zombie Exodus Series, Fatehaven, The Race, Imprisoned, and Tin Star.

I’ve played all of these and more, for the following I decided against listing specifically which ones were the rather disappointing games and regretful purchases. Instead I’ve listed only the BEST that simply stand out from the rest.

Tin Star
The amount of variables and depth to this game is insane! Conversations with various people go differently depending on your previous actions with them or somebody they know. The amount of skills alone add a great level of replay ability. Easily worth the money. I can’t imagine how long it too to accomplish this. There’s several parts in this game when other characters will talk about you to others (Spoiler Alert)(When Hungry Snake helped decide whether or not to allow you into the group at the hidden base). Also the epilogue was just…mind blowing. If you wanna play this game, be prepared to spend a good deal of time on it. It won’t be over in ten minutes, like others i won’t mention…

Both “Life of” Games
I believe the author’s name is Mike Walter. This man is a genius and his work proves that. I’m a huge huge fan of “Life of” games, I think it lives up to the definition of creating your own story. A story that allows you to pick from various options depending on what you’ve done previously in the game. I feel more attached to the characters in these games than any other.

Heroes Rise Trilogy
Zombie Exodus Series
Choice of Romance Trilogy

Honorable Mention

Thank you thank you thank you so much for these works of pure art. I enjoy these games more than any others. They are easily worth the money spent. Please continue to create games like these, they make it easy to connect with the characters, the story flows beautifully, the game is long and takes time to complete, Choices MATTER (unlike a couple railroaded generic POS’s i won’t be mentioning)!!!

“The good writers touch life often. The mediocre ones run a quick hand over her. The bad ones rape her and leave her for the flies.” --Ray Bradbury


I just wanted to let you know that the names of the authors can be found in the “About” section of the apps!

I’m actually glad someone did this, I sure the authors appreciate it too. hey how was mecha ace btw i went through the demo and finally came into some money and I’m having an internal struggle about which game to buy.

Which ones are you debating over? Mecha Ace was pretty good, with awesome endings.

well i have a ton of the games already and i played throught most of the demos leaveing out only a select few . i was looking for a cog because i already tried or bought all the hosted.

mecha ace or neighborhood necromancer or nola is burning. i really liked all three of them and they each have their own style but i just wish i had more info on them . but i can’t without getting into spoiler comments…
i loved the demo for nola is burning. i really felt connected to my mc and the city, and yes i felt i had an obligation to the bull so i tried to please them and not sleep with their spouse.

mecha ace has the nice combat choices (which i always like since the hero’s rise trilogy) not really much on the team itself besides the second in command. but presented me with a good villan or rival.

neighborhood necromancer has a mix of comedy and entertaining choices from the start. i fell in love with the game when i squirted ketchup down the lady’s back without her noticing. priceless. but also haveing the zombies go and wreck the fish shop because they undercooked my fries didn’t hurt much either.

i don’t want to get spoilers but i want to know i bit more so i can make a choice. Will their be instant death choices?Will their be romance? Will I get real characters, or just a fill in the blank with a familiar name?

All I’ll say on NOLA is that it changes drastically after the demo.

As for Necromancer or Mecha, I like them both a lot, and they both have romance and pretty good characters, so I can’t really say which one I’d choose. Maybe Mecha Ace, because it’s longer.

Agreed that SLAMMED! (Paolo Chikiamco) is excellent. It’s a good example of how to write about a subject in a way that appeals to a wider audience then just fans.

I’d also give shouts out to:

Star Captain by by Dorian Hart. This is such an underrated game. The writing is frequently top notch. While humour is very subjective, I think we’re talking about Pratchett levels of funny at times. But as I’ve played it more, I’ve also come to respect quite how much effort has gone into the underlying mechanics. It’s a really good demonstration of how to write a relatively linear plot without overloading it with fake choices.

Eerie Estate Agent and Neighbourhood Necromancer by Gavin Inglis. Inglis’s big strengths for me are his ability to write humour and his strong characterisation. You can tell he works as a storyteller. That said, I actually get the impression we’ve not quite seen him realise his full potential yet. I really hope we get some more games from him.

Yeah, I love Star Captain; it’s hilarious. xD

Wanna give a shoutout to Sabres of Infinity which is my all time favorite game on this site and @Roslyn_samalt06 I would recommend mecha ace but both are great games.

@Roslyn_samalt06 yea I thought the authors deserved a good deal of praise. Also there’s a few hosted games I was wary about spending money on so I haven’t played all of them. Which ones do you recommend?

@Samuel_H_Young thanks for that! I feel a little slow after just now noticing it xD

@Duck yes SLAMMED! Was a amazing. Also I decided against buying Neighborhood Necromancer because I was worried it’d be short or not worth it. What’s your opinion on it?

While it’s a bit short, there are several very different paths through it. I think it’s well worth the money.

@Dubs3 that depends on your style that you like.lots of option that are very meaning full with clean cut writing I would highly recomend lucid’s games life of a wizard, paradox ,

Then there is waywalker series where it’s writing in depth with loads of lorecharaxterzation but with a linear stoey line . But unlike most of the linear atory line waywalker has a way of becoming highly difficult at times with drastic changes in stats from dieing for example…yikes. but the seires really is fantastic

And yes stuck with tin atar the whole process loved every moment of it. Kinda my perfect platter with the mixture of fun choices and life dexiding ones.

Unnatueral is also one of the few prodjects I followed since my stumbleing upon the forum s. Gotta love it . Especally burning things , but that would be telling! All I will say is that after chap 3 the characters start to grown on you!

And zombie exodus is also highly recommended. Perfect for aomone looking to get sucked into the story with lifelike characters settings and conseqences. Really in depth with the characters and a really good read!

I did like fate haven a bit linear but the story is entertaining, and the characters are funny. Plus I really juat like raising hell in games. You should see my hero’s rise data. Well I’m off the go sink the blessed vessel seeya later gran
@Duck I didn’t try slammed how was it?

@Verand I did try the demo when they were still makeing it here but I like to play my gender so I didn’t really get into it… sorry

I did try the choice of star captin demo and liked it, thought it was funny. Like legacy of the assassin funny. Like brownie cult funny…hahem sorry

So what game is your favorite in hosted and choice of?


I don’t know about the demo since I never played it but Mecha Ace now let’s you choose MC gender AND Npc gender as well. Now to answer your question Sabres is my all time favorite followed closely by Life of a mobster for hosted and Deathless for choice of.

What is your favorite in hosted and choice of?

SLAMMED! is a lot of fun. My other half loved it and she’s not a wrestling fan at all. What it does is that a lot of the focus is on the action and relationships backstage, with some matches to punctuate that. The only criticism I have of it is that there are a few too many fake choices for my liking.

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My fav cog is hero’s rise trilogy and for the hosted I would go with zombie exodus

Thanks @Dubs3! I love to hear it when people enjoy my game. It encourages me to keep working. :slight_smile:

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I loved life of a wizard! And I enjoyed paradox as well! Both of them distinctly stand out as yours.

@Lucid yes!!! Your “Life of” games are definitely my favorite, the ability to tell your own story is makes the game more immersed and it just felt really empowering. I love that they typically take at least 30 minutes to complete. There are tons of choices and variations and ALL of them mean something, I don’t believe I ran into a single fake choice. Throughout the game there are multiple different characters that you meet and all of them with their own distinct personality. And at the end of the game there’s always an excellent epilogue so that the game reflects on how your character lived, most dynamic style of writing in my opinion. Are you working on any more “Life of” type games?

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Slammed is definitely up there, I didn’t care about wrestling at all before it but it still really gripped me.

The Orpheus Ruse was actually pretty hard, and it encourages you to play as an anti-hero rather than being saintly or a devil. I’ve done a couple of playthroughs and my favourite was as a kind of villain who didn’t hesitate to do whatever it took to survive and stay under the radar, but had moments of morality as well.

Tin Star for sheer length and awesomeness and having satisfying endings.

Favourite Hosted is between the Way Walker games - not at first but they really grew on me. And Life of a mobster, stop making me upset over my fictional crime family damnit!

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My next project is a trilogy called The Lost Heir. I veer from my Life Of style in a few ways, but a few other things will feel the same. It takes place in a fantasy setting and has lots of stats. But, you can turn off the notifications and it doesn’t show you what’s needed ahead of time. It also has a much more defined story and time doesn’t pass as quickly.

After this, I’d like to do another Life Of style game. I have bunch of ideas floating around my head. :slight_smile:

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