Choice of Games Customer Survey

We’ve put together a customer survey that we’re going to be using in some upcoming marketing plans. Thanks to everyone who helped provide feedback on it before! It’s live now, and you’ll be seeing it in a few other places shortly.

You can take the survey HERE:

We’re excited to hear from you!


Being forced to choose only ONE favorite game of each publisher is the cruelest thing you could have done…


Is a summary of the data going to be available publicly? It would be interesting to see the demographics of who plays COG, or which games are the most popular.


Agreed. I almost don’t want to choose any of it :persevere:


I agree. I saw several that I really enjoy playing and couldn’t pick them w/ the ones I choose

I just listed the rest in the general feedback section at the bottom.

I liked the survey and I really hope we get to see the results :slightly_smiling_face:


Filled it out

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Great to see an interest in our feedback but it sure is hard picking a favorite :weary:


That was surprisingly painless.


Ha, yes, picking one game…

Can we make it ten next time? Twenty? …more…? :grimacing:


50+? There are some truly epic games on both labels.


Whoa, this is great! Would love to see the results of this survey some day.

I answered all like a champ. :sunglasses:

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Thanks to everyone who’s responded so far! We’re still determining exactly what we’ll do with the data afterward in terms of sharing the results - if people know the results will be publicly available, that could skew the results in certain ways. But we definitely hear that you’re interested, and we’ll see what we can do!

Also, a lot of people so far have responded that they found the survey through a link from our mailing list, but we haven’t actually sent out a mailing list email with the survey yet - we’re definitely planning on doing that, but it’s only been posted here so far. If that was your answer, what email were you referring to?


I didn’t receive any mailing list with the survey and I receive all releases and sales offers that are really useful even if are normally for games I already own.

Yeah, we know. I’ll be more blunt than Abby: the only place to find the survey is here, but people have answered (a lot of people! more than 40%) have answered they found the survey somewhere else :grimacing:. Obviously in the future there will be more places to find it–we will send it to the mailing list, we will post it on social, whatever. It’s just…interesting.


That’s mysterious. I mean I doubt that there is a fake Cog mail list

I personally answered mail. And by mail i meant this…


Thanks! I was wondering if something like that was what people meant. From a technical standpoint, email notifications from the forum aren’t the same thing as our mailing list - the mailing list emails are the official ones from Choice of Games that usually have information about sales/new games, and they don’t mention forum posts. Subscribing to the mailing list is something you usually do when you’re asked for your email address at the end of a game, or if you enter your email address in the text box about signing up for our newsletter on our homepage.