COG Customer Survey: Feedback

We’re putting together a survey to use for some of our future marketing plans, and we wanted to run the questions by you first! You can find a list of the survey questions and answers here:

What we’re most interested on is feedback about the Demographics questions on pages 11 and 12. We want to make sure that the phrasing on the questions and answers there is inclusive, so please let us know here if there’s anything you’d recommend changing. In case in doesn’t come across in the current document, all of the questions will be optional, and they generally also have “prefer not to answer” and “other” options where you can fill in your own text, when applicable. (This PDF is not what will be sent out as the actual survey - we’ll have a Google form for that.) More generally, if any of the other questions or answers are confusing or unclear, feel free to let us know about that too.

At the moment, we’re not really looking for suggestions of other questions or topics for the survey to cover, though we may send out others in the future. We also don’t need actual answers to the survey right now - that will come later!

Thanks so much!


Out of curiosity, given the section for an email address, what types of follow up questions are you foreseeing asking?

The demographics section looks fine to me, although you might consider adding “bigender” and/or “third gender” to the gender section. I know picking which nonbinary genders to have actual options for isn’t the easiest given that there’s, y’know, a lot of them, but those are fairly common identities I usually see included in this type of survey.

And I apologize if this falls out of the realm of desired feedback, but may I ask why it’s choosing one favorite title from either company rather than a handful? Just looking at the favorite game threads on the forum, and seeing how often people don’t really have a single favorite, it seems like you’d get a more accurate and genuine response if those surveyed could pick 3 or so favorites.


As a cis-hetero person, I don’t find any problem However I don’t know if Many of casuals will understand half of the terms at all. And that could cause they left the survey without cover or something like that. Still, inclusion is a great thing even if causes some moron get angry


The things we might follow up on are mostly the “favorite/least favorite/anything else you want to tell the company” questions, in case anyone raises any points there we’d want to ask them about.

Adding other gender options is definitely possible! The question about one favorite game is mostly because I wanted a drop-down menu so there wouldn’t be 100+ options taking over the entire screen, and I’m only aware of how to do a drop-down menu with one possible answer. That’s definitely a good point about people finding it hard to choose there, though - I might be able to play with that a little more.


Are we expected to fill it out and scan it and send it back? Is there any reason google forms wouldn’t work for this survey?

You are not expected to do that, and Google Forms will work for this survey. :slightly_smiling_face:


For favorite game (9 & 10), that’s a hecka long list to display. You might want to sort it out alphabetically, but I think the questions won’t be answered except for us long-time customer. Just something to feed the thoughts.

For how long have been playing (3), returning customer might have some difficulty answering, especially if they only play a few games and then quit for a considerable time before returning. If you want to include them to the demographics list, might want to give them separate option.

For race (19), maybe rephrase the question “your race/ethnicity”? To clear any doubts, mainly.

For assistive programs (21), maybe rephrase so they also include “accessibility software/program/application” as “assistive” is an uncommon term.


For questions 9&10 you might want to sort it alphabetically like suggested by Szall or just have the name typed in by the person filling out the survey


Will totally delurk to write opinions about surveys. Favorite thing!

Question 2: 2 options include “3 years” in their range
Question 4: 2 options include 50 and 100.
Questions 21 and 22 could be combined, with a list of options (screen reader + screen magnifier?) and other and none lines.

Maybe to get around the giant list problem you could narrow down options, and ask “Which of the following is your favorite?” A drop down list of 100+ is still very unwieldy (and I’m guessing may be an accessibility issue).