Trans fan of COG?


I’m trying to get a national news organization to cover Choice of Games.

In particular, they’re interested in speaking with a trans individual who is a user/consumer of our games, preferably someone who’s played VERSUS: The Lost Ones.

If you are someone or know someone who fits this bill, please have them email me.

jason AT choiceofgames DOT com


I’m trans but unfortunately I’ve only played Choice of Robots, and Creatures Such As We (I haven’t finished this one, no spoilers.)


You should still consider sending me an email.


Still looking, especially for a resident of the US.


Shoot I meant to do this, thanks for the reminder.


“Trans” seems like a rather broad term. Then again I’m not particularly well versed in this kind of terminology.


It is a broad term. Very broad. The trans community is equally broad.