Showdown at Willow Creek (Questions and commentary - slight spoilers!)


First of all, I really love this one! :smiley: I thought it was a bit short, but considering all the different options to explore, the shortness is a good thing (and it’s still a decent lenght if you take your time, easily more than an hour for each playthrough).

Things that stood out for me :

-I think it’s wonderful that you can choose to pursue Tess, as she was my favorite character!

-The choices are pretty good and I never really felt railroaded, though I wonder now if some of the choices I thought had failed because of a low stat could actually just have been ‘bad’ options, which would limit the story in some ways. I may have misunderstood a few choices but, overall, I felt like I really reaped what I sowed, so there was little frustration over the outcome of my choices.

-I find the language both hilarious and awesome! It’s probably awfully stereotypical (I honestly don’t know), but either way, I thought it made the game very immersive. As someone who’s never even seen a full Western movie, I probably missed a lot of references, but the one I did catch gave me a good laugh.

A few questions :

-Is it actually possible to heal? I’ve tried both ways of healing, several times each, but never managed to get rid of my cuts and bruises. Also, is ‘fit as a fiddle’ better than ‘completely unharmed’? It sounds better to me, but I don’t exactly see how I could have improved my health.

-Is it possible to have several lovers? Just out of pure curiosity, as I can’t bear to actually test it… ^^’’

-I’ll probably try/retry most meaningful actions at least once, but I’m not sure about the ‘‘sneaky’’ ones (sneaking into Mason’s house and then past Tess, or catching the criminal by surprise…). Has anyone managed to make them work? Are they even worth it?
Otherwise, I won’t waste any time on them. :o

What did you guys think of the game? :slight_smile:


I’ve only played the demo so far but I’ve loved what I have seen so far, the range of occupations and romances seems impressive. If nothing else it’s made the wait for Tin Star a tiny bit easier!