Favorite parts in CS games

I figured because there’s a recent thread about most hated things in CS games, I figure there could also be one about favorite things in CS games. Like, especially favorite parts in stories- getting to talk and gush about some of the coolest parts in the games you’ve played.

For example: There’s are a couple of parts in Tin Star I really like- one being the part where Maria’s father is like “Wherever you go, whatever you do, day and night, I will be watching.” and you get the option of turning it into a good joke with the choice “Why, I always wanted a guardian angel.” That was hilarious. And playing chess with Maria, later on- playing two games. I lost the first one, and won the second; I thought this was really cool.

I also like how in Waywalkers/Waywalkers II, it gives the feeling that there’s a real conspiracy going on, and things happening around you that you might or might not be a part of, depending on what you choose. Things are happening elsewhere, and it affects the game- I like that.


I enjoy making my pre-existing characters and having them experience what ever happens in the story, so I enjoy character creation a lot, and I too like it when a story deals with something I know about, it’s always fun (to be honest, I do like fight scenes quite a bit, but only if they’re not one sided)

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I love games that give me decisions that tear me apart trying to decide. Gotta be honest,when I get done my first few playthroughs, I just creating different characters thinking up what kind of personality they will have, and make decisions accordingly. I love when this leads me to a point where a decision comes up that tears me between playing the personality, or picking against it because I’m just that messed up from picking anything else.

I love how choicescript allows you to try every choice before choosing one!

I can’t be the only one who cheats like that on my second playthrough, right?

Since I just spent four paragraphs on the hate thread complaining about a couple of creative decisions in Choice of Romance and Choice of Broadsides, I should say some nice things.

My absolute favorite thing in choice games is when the author of a game figures out how to give just the right amount of detail - enough to immerse you in the setting while still keeping focused on the action. Choice of Broadsides probably does this better than any other choice game I’ve played (though there are a lot of choice games I have never played).

I also like difficult decisions, especially ones with no right answer. One chapter in The Fleet, in which you have to ration your dwindling resources, was tough and very engaging.

Meaningful characters who genuinely seem to have the ability to influence the outcome. That is my favorite thing about Choice of Zombies.

There is also the nightmare scene in Choice of Broadsides, in which every choice was unambiguously wrong. That is one of my favorite COG scenes.

Finally, there is that one playthrough in Choice of the Vampire where you can leave New Orleans, become the de facto overlord of a little village in the middle of nowhere, and basically have nothing to do with the events of the main storyline. Nothing makes a setting feel more immersive than the ability to leave and strike out on your own.

I rememver that scene in choice of vampires.
Those filthy peasant blood bags ran me out.
I remember fatehaven had its faults in a couple places. But it really had me thinking in that last chapter. Which is cool and had you think about your self awareness. And it mad a slight mention at how the choicof games use you instead of I when writing. And the main character decides to stop being called “you”