Favorite Choice script game(s)

Hello everyone I am storm. sorry if I have posted a lot recently. I have been a lurker for about a month now. I might want to make a story in the future. Also I would like to ask everyone what their favorite game(s) that use choice script (including hosted games) list their favorite(s) that are completed and why. Also the game(s) that they are most looking forward too and why. P.S. please no arguments. I will start first: Their is a tie between two that are completed I would say in my opinion. The first is Marine raider by @AllenGies because of it’s great setting and great WII vibe. It is the game that got me hooked on text based games. I like the achievements you get also. The other is Zombie Exodus by @Jimd. I use to hate horror and thought it was boring until I played zombie Exodus. The characters are very well developed and the story is sepenseful. They both have action packed adventure and Great detail. I think there are 4 note worthy WIP’s #1 Trial of the demon Hunter by @Samuel_H_Young. It has a great Story line and Great fight scenes. #2 Team zero by @Dolphinzgirl. Team Zero has amazingly developed characters (such as the MC’s use of badassery) Also scenes that make just keep reading. #3 Unknown dragon game by @Random This game has hooked me with it’s use of dragons and many other forms of awsome such as the pure awsomeness of the Mc’s trusted blade. #4 political game after nuke war by @Beezlebub. This game sounds very interesting to me as the political aspect is intriguing. I am looking forward to how the game develops. Thank you everyone for your awsome games.

Choice of dragon was what got me started. To be honest there are so many great games out, and new ones on the way. That I find my favorites keep changing. :slight_smile:

Wow, you don’t know how happy this post made me feel! I’d say my 2 favorite CoG’s are Choice of the Star Captain because it has awesome plot twists, hilarious dialogue and believable characters, and Choice of the Dragon by @dfabulich because it started it all and has an amazing story. My two favorite Hosted Games are Life of a Wizard by @Lucid because it’s long, well rounded, fun and addicting, and Sabres of Infinity by @Cataphrak because the writing is amazing, the dialogue is immersive and the plot is well thought out. My two favorite WIPs are Choice of Rebels by @Havenstone because the writing is incredible, you are in a position of importance (unlike the majority of the games where you’re a subordinate), and the lore is very interesting, and OBLIQUE by @kakistocracy because the robot is adorable, the choices matter and the writing is amazing.

@Storm thanks for the nod to Zombie Exodus. Glad to have you on the forums with us.

@lordirishdas choice of dragons is a good game.Well thought out @Samuel_H_Young I can agree with your post. Also thank you @JimD.

@Storm Same like @Samuel_H_Young, I was really surprised when you listed Dragon! in your top 4 WIPs and it made me just want to write more, thank you!

My all-time favorite has got to be Way Walkers & Way Walkers: University. It’s just so amazing in so many ways that I’m anxiously waiting for the third one to come out.

I think Dragon! Has great Potential @Random it already is great and I can’t wait to see the rest.

WWU1 and WWU2 are definitely next in line after Sabres of Infinity and Life of a Wizard

@Storm Thank you! I’m working as hard as I can to finish this chapter :b

@Samuel_H_Young Ah, right! I keep forgetting to play SoI. I should borrow my brother’s phone soon to play it…

You should:P it’s amazing

I might just try it too

It all started about 2 or 3 seasons ago during my 10th reincarnation when I was visiting this time period… I got into Choiceof with The Choice of the Dragon. But as far as favs, I really liked The ORPHEUS Ruse because of it’s unique concept, Imprisoned i think really nailed it, even if not the most famous. Also Life of a Wizard was pretty badass and got the ‘RPG’ feel down. Now my very favorite choiceof has to be Zombie Exodus though.

@Storm You are so sweet, I’m glad you like my game!

I think my favorites are probably the Affairs of the Court series, since the first one was the game that really got me hooked, and Zombie Exodus because it’s just generally amazing.

It’s my birthday wonder what the family has planned, probably a trip to the hospital considering how much I puked last night.

That sucks:/ happy borthday, though!

Thank you

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My top games so far (since they keep changing :wink: ) r 1.Team Zero, awesome character development. 2. Tin Star cause i love old western stories. What got me hooked to choice script games was choice of romance, so I love the trilogy. life of a wizard is a favorite too :).

My absolute favorite game is Choice of Romance. :smiley:
I just couldn’t stop playing it and loved all of the 3 parts! I mean who wouldn’t want to be courted by a Queen\King, experience a life full of conspiracies, romance and even the chance to take over the throne yourself? :wink:
Another game that really got me hooked is Zombie Exodus.^^
I love how long it takes to play through this game and of course the many choices you can make for your character. :smiley:
So I guess what I’m looking for in games is that it takes a while to play through the storyline and of course the romance/love interests are equally important and not just a minor point. :slight_smile:
But of course that’s just my personal opinion. ^___^
So good luck with your story. :slight_smile:

@Samuel_H_young I’m ok now. @Chriswa27 I’m excited to see how team Zero advances. @FinalFantasyFreak I also like the that Zombie Exodus is long.