What is the one HG/COG game you will never get bored of playing?

For me it has to be Tin Star and Choice of Robots.


Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven. There’s just so many possibilities. What your MC is like, who to save, who to kill, what to scavenge, what to do and so on. This game is a roleplayers dream come true.

Community College Hero. While not as branching as Safe Haven, I actually found plenty of room for roleplaying in this game. The fake choices especially help, although there may have been a tad too much.

The Lost Heir. You can become a vampire lord necromancer. What more do you want?


Community College Hero: I still haven’t romanced everyone because I always end up romancing the same ones on accident. I just liked the game and thought it was really well written, can’t get enough of it!

Fatehaven: I have actually no clue why I love this game so much, I just do. The writing is actually a style that I love reading and I love the characters.

Choice of Robots: Do I even have to explain why this game is so incredible?!


Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven: What Shady said

The Lost Heir Trilogy: So many choices. I get to be a tyrant that rides a dragon and is also a vampire lord; can’t get more awesome than that.

Tin Star: Miss Caraway

Choice of Robots: I don’t think this one needs any explaining.


Miss Caraway is the best


…I do get bored of games, but similar to films, music etc I like, I’ll play a game like mad, get bored of it, then either go back to playing it now and again or play it to death again :stuck_out_tongue: . But the games I keep coming back to are:
Zombie exodus safe haven, choice of the rock star, life of a wizard, choice of robots, a wise use of time, alter ego, dilemma, burnt, for rent haunted house, double cross.

Previously posted my favourite games on a thread before, but this list is slightly different I think. Looking and thinking about it, pretty sure the reason I keep going back to these games is it’s easier to role play as myself or relate to the protagonist, which is why other great games which I have played a ton like tin star, divided we fall, life of a mobster etc don’t make the list.


lol why not just romance both? you guys know you can have both girls in the game right?
but i agree tin star is one of the best game ever released.

i think the most i have played is the lost heir series… but is hard to say, all games by @Lucid except Paradox Factor are pretty nice games.

@heather A Study in Steampunk: Choice by Gaslight was one of those game i think…" i dunno if this will be a good game…" then i played it and was shocked how good it was :smiley: only thing i dident like was some “ro” that either die or break with you

@Cataphrak games… all of them
@Goshman Lords of aswick
Champion of the Gods
Choice of Robots
Zachary Sergi games… versus, hero rise…

and then those that i have play a lot are Choice of Romance, Choice of Vampire (too bad 3 book is still not coming…), Choice of the Petal Throne, @JimD zombie games…, @MultipleChoice games…

Then the rest of games are pretty good… but for me those i have mention here are simply the best out of all games released so far:wink:


I know you can have both girls but like @ag-1 said, Miss Caraway is the best :relieved:


*briefly pauses from playing Choice of the Deathless for like the 50th time * I’m not really sure :confused:

Though, all kidding aside, I keep finding myself coming back to Deathless even though it’s not the most replayable compared to games like Tin Star or ZE:SH and I already got every single achievement ages ago. I just really like the writing. Plus it’s like the perfect length for me to play all of it while I ride the bus to school (kinda makes me feel like the MC when you choose cheap housing…)


Mm tin star never ever gets old. I always Romance Preston with my Manly man sheriff. “He loves you more than the very though of money.” :heart::heart:

I’d have to pick one other an I just can’t Soooooo have a screenshot of my “collection” of the ones I replay.


Saw pic of all CoG games in the pic then saw Deemo
Knew I’ve never played a CoG by that name went scrambling to find it noticed what it was and that it wasn’t another story blurted out im sad now. Spent next few minutes reassuring a friend I was fine.

**Edit:**To keep in line with conversation I’d say
Tin star, life of a wizard, slammed, the entire heroes rise series, or choice of robots. I’ve played those all something like 10+ times each


Choice of Robots
Lords of Aswick
Choice of Vampires
Tin Star

I like a good story. Even if I enjoy them, I don’t replay the preachier or more hastily made games.

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Tin Star and Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven are my favorites, just because the character customization in both. My sheriff is actually the template character I use for other games.

So You’re Possessed has my sense of humor, and also an identifiable protagonist (I also have a cat and no real direction in life).

I could list these all day (I replay the heck out of things so not sure why I tried participating here haha) but I’ll end with Choice by Gaslight. I like steampunk, and I like Sherlock Holmes, but I hadn’t found a good adaptation of SH or a good steampunk story before. And I finally, finally found it with this one. Finch’s romance is too good to pass up.

Edit: @Drakeye Play it anyway. Deemo is the best rhythm game ever-- the story made me cry.


For me, there are Choice of Robots, X of Infinity series, Life of a Wizard.

And Deemo is awesome. I wish they port Deemo: Last Recital to Android. I want to continue the story.

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Choice of the Vampire (both games). Can’t help it, still finding new stuff in there. :sweat_smile:

…and I am not even a vampire fan, so I tend to play a reluctant vampire dreaming of being human again. :neutral_face:

Then I have others, like the Zombie games foremost, but almost all games I have bought get a visit now and then, except those I regret buying (so now I don’t buy unless the ‘demo’ draws me in - although some do that on the first few pages, ooo boy). :blush:

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I like Magikira lol even though it won’t ever continue. I like the different stats and how they give you different options and different reactions.


Sabres of Infinity
Guns of Infinity
Choice of the Broadsides
Mecha Ace
Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven

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Study in Steampunk- I swear I’m just addicted to the writing. I could read it all day and not get bored, I love the style and flow and everything. Probably my favorite HG or CoG just because of how much I adore the writing style and characters and plot…

Tin Star, Choice of Robots, and Choice of the Vampire- I mean, like others have said there’s just a lot to do in those games.

I also replay Apex Patrol every now 'n then, mainly because it was one of my introductions into choose your own adventure style games, so it holds a special place in my heart for that fact.


Tin Star. It’s so open-world, and the characters and their reactions are so exquisitely detailed; they’ll treat you with subtle differences based on whether you’re a saint or a bloodthirsty maniac or somewhere in between. For example, if you’re a honest marshal, people will sometimes give you things for free; if you’re a persuasive marshal, you can talk people into giving you things for free; if you’re a lawless marshal, shopkeeps will treat you suspiciously. Also the ROs, with the exception of Preston. Hell, even villains like Reginald Upton and Hungry Snake were rather likable.

And to a lesser extent, I really like Choice of Robots and Choice of the Vampire, which are clearly based on a lot of homework, and which let you be badass in all sorts of interesting ways.

I’m not a huge fan of Mike Walter’s ‘Life Of’ games (even though I bought them and play them :P), but his demos for Lost Heir look like a lot of fun. The stat-building speaks to the min-maxing munchkin in my heart, but the world has so much more emotional depth than in, say, Life of a Wizard.


My top 5: Zombie Exodus: Safe haven, Samurai of Hyuga series, So You’re posessed, Midsummer Nights choice, Psy High