Which Choice of or Hosted Game do you never get tired of playing?


Life of a Wizard

I second that. I think because it’s heavier on stats and achievements as opposed to story. Very high replay value.

Zombie Exodus

Definitely NOT Zombie Exodus. That’s one of my favorite! Btw, I’d say life of a Wizard, cause you grow too old too fast. No time for being young

Life of a wizard, hands down

Wow, I misread the title! XD My answer is Zombie Exodus!

for me “the fleet” that betrayal scene at the end when you kick out your alleys always gets me to smile :smiley:

I have gotten tired of all of them at some point. The only one that I go back to from time to time is Slammed!. Tin Star may be the same way since I really enjoyed it.

Zombie Exodus
Tin Star
Life of a Wizard

There’s afew which I always seem to go back to when I get bored.
Vampire(the first one, deff not Memphis)
Zombie exodus
Sabres of infinity
I’d say Tin star will become part of my go to selection, but too early to say

Interesting to see so many people pick Life of a Wizard. That’d be my choice too. I’ve played right through that game about 40 times, easily.


Yeah I’ve read it at least 30 times; I never get tired of it.

Apex Patrol. I always play that game and if I have to make room on my low gig iPod that game never gets deleted.

Tin Star. It has deprived me of sleep and I love it. This game is made of win. I must read some of the other titles when I finally gather the willpower to pull away from Tin Star.

I really enjoy Choice of the Deathless too. So far I’ve only read about three titles.

Orpheus Ruse, Life of Wizard, … ZE

Zombie Exodus
Choice of Kung Fu
Life of a Wizard

I played every choice of games and hosted games and i alway come back to every of them once in a while. Life of wizard and zombie exodus more than others.

Tin Star
Heroes Rise (Since I don’t actually mind a bit of railroading)

(Unlike everyone else, apparently) Neither Life of Wizard or Zombie Exodus caught my interest. Guess I’ll have to try them out now, since y’all seem to like them so much.