Games like Life of a Wizard and Choice of Robots?

Do you know games like Life of a Wizard and Choice of Robots ?

Hey there Verm! Sadly life of a wizard and choice of robot are completely differently…Do you mind being more descriptive or detailed in what you mean by games like “” and “”, is there something specific about them your looking for? Or simply games that have wizards and robots in them? Are you talking about text based- cog or cog like or video games. Lengthwise or such I’m just not sure what exactly your asking for.


Zombie Exodus is great. Choice of Robots is perhaps my favorite game on here, so good choice :slight_smile:

One called Planetary Quarantine was okay…but not really worth the money. Try the Superhero ones, they’re pretty good.

have you tried have you tried
life of a mobster
Last wizard
tin star ?