Another game the narrative style of Life of a Wizard?


I just finished Life of a Wizard by @Lucid and I was wondering is there are other games with the same “autobiography” approach?

I really loved this way of telling the story. First of and foremost, since it is an autobiography, you know, as a reader, that the MC will not die, so you never got that “I must survive this” vibe that was (is!) the meat and bone of “classical” gaming books (Fighting Fantasy, Lone Wolf, etc…), where essentially the good choices are the negatives one, ie, the ones that don’t imply dying. There was just nothing of that in Life of a Wizard! It was really about the achievements of the MC, never about avoiding bad things. There is something so thrilling about this way of telling story…

… so, any title to suggest?


The other game that is narrative is Life of a Mobster, which is also created by the most holy @Lucid.

I think that it is his style of writing that differentiates from other COG and Hosted games stories.

Edit: Would you care to read The Lost Heir Trilogy? If you love @Lucid’s works, then I’m sure you will love this one too! It’s not narrative, but it is one of his best works.


Choice of Robots is the first one that comes to my mind.


Yes, I read The Lost Heir Trilogy before Life of a Wizard :). And yes, it was a very fun and inspiring experience! The closest thing I’ve experienced to play an one-on-one table rpg-top with a very good GM I had since the Quest for Glory Sierra game series from the 90’s! I think every trope within the D&D universe was explored in The Lost Heir Trilogy. Quite fun!


You play a robot? What kind of universe it is? Star-wars like Robots, or cyberpunk/post-humanist ones? Phillip K. Dick paranoid-ultra solipsist philosophical downward abyss of existential doubts? Mecha with laser guns? An metaphysical/social/political/ethical inquiry into A.I.?


More of a The-Future where there are flying cars, robots and advance technology.


Future on Earth or a Parralel World?


From what I’ve heard (saw), Choice of Robots has the vibe of “I Am Robot” movie, where it’s about human vs rogue robot and sentient robot (?).

IDK, I never played the title before. Who knows?


Future in Earth. :wink:


I’ll check these 2 titles for sure, even though the setting Life of a Mobster appeals a little more to me than Choice of Robot (I am very snob and close-minded when it comes to Sci-Fi :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: )


(obligatory 20 characters)


To add on to your question, you play a robot maker who started out as a graduate student. The game ends when you’re 50.

It’s not hard sci-fi, per say. It focuses a lot more on character interactions.

That’s close to one possible ending, actually. It’s very open world.


Oh that sounds like fun! Thanks!


…Though you can die. Regardless though, it’s required reading. :wink:


I finished Life of Mobster the second time yesterday. Yes, this is what I was looking for :slight_smile:


I think you might enjoy Lords of Aswick too.


Yes? What of setting it is? I am currently plating Sabres of Infinity and I have a blast! :slight_smile:


It’s a historical fiction of a country based on medieval England, where you play as the first Lord of Aswick, from his childhood till his death.