Favourite things about Choice Of Games?

Thinking of making one, and I would like to know what you like about them. Are you a fan of Horror? Romance? Fantasy? What about settings? Anything else? I’d love to hear all your ideas. Thanks :slight_smile:


My favorite things about CoG:

-The way they take old, tired things and tell them in a fresh way.
-How there’s more to morality than “saintly angel” or “murdering sociopath.”
-The replayability.
-The way your decisions have consequences.
-The ability to pursue same-sex romantic interests.

As for genres/settings, I’m a fan of low fantasy, all things Lovecraftian, space opera, insane AI, towns/cities/etc. with dark secrets, and psychological horror.

Complicated and rich stories. Focus on player decisions. Being impactful to the story. The ability to lose and/or die.

Like kavok said, that you actually feel like your choices have an impact, not just a story that you can only choose like ‘evade’ and ‘attack’ and only one is the right one, the other is the wrong one and you lose. So I think is better when you can control the story, not the story control you.

I love the high fantasy (like Tolkien) and the dark fantasy.

I really enjoy the branching possibilities in stories making me feel like my choices actually matter. They’re almost like a Pencil and Paper RPG in that way, except that you don’t have to go through all the overhead of writing up a sheet and everything only to have your GM stop showing up after two sessions, or stop posting if you’re playing a PbP game because the story is a already there.

I can enjoy pretty much any setting honestly as long as it’s well written, or at least entertaining. I didn’t really enjoy Choice of Romance that much because romance was the entire story. On the other hand I do appreciate romance sub-plots.

I actually had this idea for a CoG based on those campy 1980s slasher flicks either from the perspective of the slasher or of a potential victim. Playing as a victim might be really interesting in an interactive form because you could actually potentially save people. You know, you start out, make your character, then go interact with a bunch of other characters at some isolated campsite or something. Forming relationships and doing what slasher flick characters do best when they aren’t dying. Then the slasher comes and the focus changes to fighting for your life and trying to save everyone you can. Not exactly sure how the slasher perspective would work, though it would obviously be pretty creepy. Maybe give lots of options on how to kill or capture your prey and have sliding scale stats to show what kind of psycho you are.

I’m not really sure if I’ll ever make that game though since I’d have to learn to code first. Hell I’d be just as happy if someone else made something like it.

I love the fact that these are quite deep games that take very little effort to start and get into. No system to learn, just read and click away. Very relaxing and convenient.

I like the deep story-lines and the interesting choices. I especially like the choices that explore your character’s motivations and world view, since I like getting under the skin of human nature and looking at how it’s put together.

The fact that they let you choose your character’s gender and sexual orientation along with the way the games avoid sexism/racism/homophobia is also a massive plus point with me.

i like that you feel like your the character so you take along time to pick your answer. i loved the choice of Romance games and other game that i have found on this forum i am so glad i found this website. i spend so many hours playing these game over and over again they never get boring. i can’t wait to see what other CoG i can find.