What makes a COG/HG memorable to you?

I’ve read enough Choicescript stories for long enough now to sort of consider myself a veteran :sweat_smile: I try to keep up to date and check out all the new games I can, and I’ve definitely read enough to know what I usually look for in a choice game and how I usually play them, and thus to start considering what I want in a game in order to reread it.

I reread games a lot if I feel I truly enjoyed them. I don’t have a count of the amount of times I’ve gone back to read A Study in Steampunk, and at this point my saves in both that game and Choice of Vampire are overflowing. There are some games I read for specific scenes and romances, and while romance is something I generally consider high on my list for choice games I usually enjoy, there are other times when I start reading a story and find that I care too much about everything else to bother with any romances.

I’ve come to the conclusion that, in my case, how emotionally involved I am in the story usually counts more than anything for how much I enjoy it, and many times that emotional connection is mostly created just with how I view the world and characters, i.e how I think the main character feels (such as the way my own feelings mixed in with the MC’s in a Study of Steampunk after Finch’s death). A lot of the games that are some of my favourites today have been some of the saddest or otherwise emotionally involving ones in one way or another.

Truthfully I’m not sure if this is due to me being a bit strange and going into character more than what may or may not be usual (a result of years of roleplaying and writing) or if it’s more of a shared trait with other readers. That’s what I’m interested in finding out. And if it is just me who consider the games these way I am curious in finding out what types of things makes other people interested in choice games.

So, basically: what makes a choice game memorable/interesting to you? Is it romance, story, writing or a mixture? Do you see any connection between your favourite games? Do you replay some more than others, if at all?

(I have been too nervous to create a topic before but I haven’t found any other talking about this particular thing :blush: I apologise if I created a redundant topic/if this is already talked about somewhere else!)


In a CoG game i look for things that i want from any medium: interesting characters, setting and story.
Compelling characters can make any story exciting. They could play golf for a whole story, and I would still be engaged with the work. I love Samurai of Hyuga for its characters and their dynamics (and for other things too. It is just one of biggest things i like about it). I guess, it counts as an emotional investment
Next, setting. I like when a lot of new world ideas are being introduced (An example from a little different medium: Flat World series is my favourite because of that. And witty writing, of course). I found setting of Choice of Deathless and City’s Thirst very, very interesting. I even picked up a book by Gladstone set in the same universe because of it.
I’m not very picky when it comes to plot. It could be a simple story about travelling from point A to point B, and, as long as other aspects of the story are good and there’s no huge plotholes, I’ll be okay with it.
I should probably also mention messages a work tries to convey. I remember Creatures Such as We, because it brought up interesting points and ideas about games and their narrative.


I agree with the emotional component. When it comes to a memorable story, it’s the same thing that grabs me about any book or video game: immersive story, characters I actually care about, and a surprising plot. But for HG/CoG specifically, I need to be able to embody a character who has choices that make sense to me (i.e. if I were that character IRL, their reactions and choices must make logical sense to ones that I would actually consider). Being pigeonholed as any one personality or type will immediately break immersion and fun for me.

The more creative and intelligently an author weaves these aspects together, the more I love it. In that same way, romances that have really unique and endearing dialogue options with fully fleshed out ROs that are fully along for the ride during the MC’s journey are my favorite.


For me it’s the characters more than anything. Most of the time that means the RO’s, but even if they are not romanceable I keep playing or going back to games just for the characters that leave an impression. The roleplay/adventure aspect of games is definitely important too but I often don’t replay after one successful playthrough if there aren’t any captivating characters. I don’t find exploring all different possible endings of a game that fun unless it involves different endings for the characters that I like. I also often especially enjoy reading the scenes where my MC interacts with the interesting characters.

Since it’s mentioned above, I too love Choice of Deathless and it’s the game I probably replayed the most (but several years ago, so I hardly remember how many times, but I got all achievements save for one and that is very much a rarity for me) and it was only because of Ashleigh and Vega. The setting was fascinating but not of particular importance to me—this is embarrassing but to be honest until browsing this forum a few days ago I never noticed it was supposed to be a law firm. I just always assumed it was an investment bank because of the work hours.


If it makes me cry, then it gets a free ticket into my Hall Of Fame for most memorable stories.
Yeah I know, pretty simple and shallow isn’t it?



I must’ve played that game…hmm, a good twenty five times.


Anyway, I find myself in a similar boat as yours. If it gets me emotional, if my heart slumps at the sad parts, if my face breaks out into a smile, if I get genuinely mad at the villain (and not the author or the choices presented), if a game can get me into that headspace, where I forget I’m playing and time passes by without my notice, that is a good game and a good game gets replayed and remembered.


An “Oh shit” moment, where either the plot has taken a direction I hadn’t expected and really enhances the narrative, there is a spectacular story and emotional moment, or the mechanics are really well done. If one of these games makes me go “Oh Shit” then it is a good one in my eyes. I usually give these ones multiple playthroughs.


Emotional impact, or just defying my expectations. Getting me to actually feel something potent about the characters (positive or negative) is a big big win.