Favorite game genre

Sorry for the horrible title, my brain isn’t working properly today. Anyways, I am bored, so I thought I would ask, what would be your favorite game genre/game settings? I think its obvious that I stick with medieval + fantasy settings. What about you? :smiley:

a game that is psychologically dark, the settig doesn’t really matter as long as the story is good


I love almost all genre as long it’s have good story and not too complicated


I really like fantasy (I enjoy any kind but I prefer urban fantasy over high/low fantasy), slice-of-life, and the idea of the romance genre. Mainly, I like well developed characters and relationships, romantic or not, (which is why I just said the idea of romance. A lot of dating sims I’ve found have have been a bit weak in that department :frowning_face:). Good world building is always a plus and I could give any setting a try with the right story or characters, but I can’t really get into things if there aren’t any memorable characters

Also, not exactly a real genre (yet?) but kind of an aesthetic(?) coined by some person on the internet, but I also love hopepunk. Basically, if you don’t want to read that whole post, grimdark says to give up because the glass is half empty, hopepunk says to keep fighting because the glass is half full. Cheesy, but honestly things are dark right now and I need more optimism in my life. Plus, my favorite tropes have always been things like found families and the power of friendship/love so, whatever I guess


oh yeah, romance. I guess that is a genre i like, it’s the reason i enjoy dragon age and mass effect so much.


High fantasy and superheroes.

Make a game based on any of these two, and I’m sold.


Fantasy, always. And fun (pretty much the opposite of what SheaMcD said). Nothing too complicated in terms of stuff I have to learn (names of people/places, made-up cultural stuff). Fictional religions tend to turn me off pretty quickly, unless the gods are characters in the story.

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Anything that relates to medieval times, even if theres fantasy sprinkled in there. I also really like grimdark things.

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I love me a good Tragedy (ex: Tokyo Ghoul). B)

My other favorite genres are Fantasy (urban, high, & low), ScI-Fi, and Slice-of-Life.

My least favorite genre is anything made as a Comedy. I’ve found that, more often than not, I don’t share most people’s sense of humor. I’m an unfunny person, except to myself (I laugh at my own jokes wayyyy to much!). For example, I absolutely hate most comedy films! The overuse of tropes seems even worse in this genre than any other to me. And more often than not, there is a bunch of sex-based gags or jokes that, in my opinion, is less clever and funny than puns (Though it’s hard to be funnier than puns. I love puns!)

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I prefer fantasy of all types, but I’ll pretty much try any game in which I can be a gay (or bi) man…

And yeah, characters, style of writing, and such things, are more important than genre in whether or not I’ll enjoy it.

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Unlike books and movies, I’m less picky about my game genres. I’ll basically play any game as long as it’s fun. There’s these two types of games that I love to play: the ones where I both care for the story and the gameplay and allows me to think, and the ones that I play just for the heck of it.

Requirements for the first group are:
Developed characters, good worldbuilding, nicely written plot, and decent game mechanics and controls.

Requirements for the second group are:
Whatever, as long as I have fuuuuun!!

See? Not picky at all…

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I guess i would say my favourite genres are fantasy and scifi. But that is mainly because most rpgs are from those genres (my two all-time favourite games are Baldur’s Gate 2 and Mass Effect 2; i think, hard to narrow it down so much :wink: )I am not too picky about particular genre i would play, as long as i think the story and gameplay will be good.

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In my head and heart, the Romance genre. But realistically? Video games do romances very poorly. The only games that really, wholeheartedly, embrace romance are visual novels, and those tend to be largely passive experiences rather than participatory. Plus, I’m a lesbian, which limits my options even further; most visual novels have far fewer gay routes than straight (if any at all), women–gay or otherwise–tend to be objectified, and it’s all just…ugh. I just want to play someone I can relate to falling in love and getting the happily-ever-after, you know?

BioWare games are the closest to that, but they’re never about the romance. CoG games, despite being great at inclusivity, are closer to BioWare when it comes to romance than they are to visual novels. The romances are usually the B-story or C-story. And, I mean, I get that. I do. If the game was all romance, then aro players would be left out, and getting left out sucks. Plus, sometimes you just want to be out there having adventures without anyone remarking on your orientation or gender identity; as long as you have a chance to say "Yes, I’m [insert marginalized identity] and have that acknowledged before you go off raiding tombs, flying into space, ruling your kingdom, or whatever, it’s all good. Your queerness is part of you, but it’s not all of you.

And yet, I’m in love with love. I’ve read over 200 f-f romance novels in the past two years alone (more than half of which I’ve written reviews for, because: Strong Opinions), and even more femslash stories/fanfics. It’s my happy place and, despite the fact that video games are also one of my happy places, they’ve never done queer romance very well at all.


I will read pretty much anything but my favorite has to be fantasy. I’ve recently gotten into steampunk and gaslamp fantasy. I most enjoy urban fantasy, since I notice it tends to be more inclusive than the traditional high/low fantasy genres.

A close second is Noir. I always seem to get so overly invested in mystery stories, especially gritty ones.

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I like pretty much all genres if done well. But I think my top 3 favourite genres are:
When I used to be able to play video games, I really liked violent horror games the best, like condemned 2 or manhunt. Similarly I’d love a horror COG, shadow horror is fairly good, but there’s plenty of other COGs I prefer, and it’s really the only specifically horror COG I think. I also really love drama/real life games. Shenmue 2 and the sims are probably my favourite video games, as for COGs a day off work came out recentlyish and I love it. Not really a genre, but I love games where you can be super evil. Though RPGs like mass effect and elder scrolls oblivion did this well, tin star and Z safe haven with regards to COGs.

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I’ll consider anything so long as there’s an objective besides winning your designed love interest. I like romance options, but they shouldn’t be the be all end all. Even in a fantasy setting with dragons and unicorns, there should be more to fantasy life than just hooking up. However saying that, I’m really not a fan of the horror genre, and I specifically blame my parents for thinking it was a good idea to expose me to The Shining (Stanley Kubrick version) when I was eight thus I’ve consequentially have an unreasonably high standard for the genre. Oh, and I really hate zombies to the extent that putting even one zombie in a game is usually enough to make me not play it.

@Jenna_V I totally get what you are saying (despite being not gay) as I sometimes despair internally when I encounter yet another right-handed main character in a video game, and why I always take the dual wield attribute when playing D&D based games for left-handed fighting. Sure those of us who are left-handed are in the minority, but it is easier for me to identify with characters that are left-handed (than the endless parade of righties) so I totally get what you’re saying about feeling left out because you don’t encounter many gay characters (especially main characters) in video games.


I like low fantasy. It’s more focused on the characters and the different races, if there are any, can be more diverse without all having to worship the gods.

I like romance, but the visual novel kind where you have many different ROs to choose from. When a romance game tries to appeal to all different genders and orientations with each RO having its own gender and orientation, that often leaves the player with only about two options; if the player doesn’t like those options then that’s it for the romance.

I like slice of life and sandbox because you can do whatever you want and create your own story.

The thriller and suspense genre is good because it gives you the feeling that something is not quite right and carries that through the entire game. Dieing every 5 seconds in a horror game is not fun, but it also takes away all the spookyness if you replay and find out you can wall up and moon the monster without them doing anything :neutral_face: ). The lack of replayability means thriller is not the best choice for COG.

I pretty much like anything that’s not too dark and gritty (because I like escapism), historical fiction (too restrictive and you can find games with more graphics and sound and Cgs with the same theme than in CoGs), and mystery (I’m bad at it).


MMORPG is my favorite one <3

I personally love Historical Fiction and dark and gritty games. But that’s just an opinion.

I love CRPGs, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the CRPGs Revival