Any good free interactive sites or apps other than Choice of Games?

I’ve been lurking the Choice of Game site for quite a while. I love interactive novels and I can’t get enough but the problem with this specific site that I have is that this site charges for pretty much every story. I get like one chapter as a free demo and after that I have to pay to get the rest of the story. If the authors want to make a business out of this then I can’t stop them but I won’t pay for it or support it. Therefore I rather take my business elsewhere but this specific kind of game/novel sites are scarce on the internet.

Do any of you know any good sites or mobile apps that have interactive stories similar to how CoG or Choose your own story does it? I already know about Infinite Stories and Choose Your Own Stories so I am trying to branch out here but any suggestion is welcome. Any suggestions that isn’t basically shilling,scolding me for my opinion or encouraging me to purchase the material is welcome otherwise don’t bother because you won’t change my mind.


We disagree on a lot but that is neither here nor there.

Here are some things that might interest you:

There is a very good effort being made at Seven Kingdoms (the Princess story) with one of the best demos I’ve seen in a long time; it is free but eventually the author is trying to release the entire project on Steam, etc to pay for future efforts.

That reminds me: Steam has quite a few free-to-play works, some quite well done.

Just a fyi: I would have really liked if you share your knowledge (others may not know of the places you know) but to each her own.


Well whats wrong with charging just a small fee of anywhere from 2-5$ for spending their hardworking time on coding and writing their game, when usually books costs usually around 20$?
The free demo is just supposed to offer you a chance to see how the story is before making a decision to purchase it.
There are a few free games on COG but if you really want quality games your usually gunna have to pay for it.
There are a ton of topics like this…so here is a link to another topic you can read.


I think you meant “eyeballs.” It’s only business if there’s an exchange involved.

And you’ve listed the ones I know.


Some low traffic sub-reddits: (but not sure if that’s the one you meant by “choose your own stories” site itself is clean mix of clean and adult content here, usually clearly marked, not necessarily erotica but certainly the occasional adult subject matter

I have a couple of adult only (very clearly erotica) sites too if you are interested I can send via private message (this applies to anyone).


Have you considered making your own game with choicescript? Then you can release it for free if you so wish.


It’s weird. I am trying to private message you but for the life of me, I can’t find where the private message button is lol. Can you message me?

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I actually have considered making something like this for free however laziness has taken over me and I never start to write despite having many ideas for stories :confused:

Maybe one day I will find the motivation to make a long game with the choicescript if it isn’t complicated.

It’s only as complicated as you make it. And you can find a lot of help on the forums if you get stuck. :slight_smile:

6 Likes Story Nexus is not a bad place, but some game have real wait time.

There is also an +18 smut games by Fenoxo


It’s not right for you to not support the authors. These everyday people put their time and effort to make good works. Some even may do it as a full JOB which means they do need to get paid. I think it is truly selfish of you to not even try to pay for their work. I understand that some may not be able to afford it all the time, but really all they ask for is anywhere from .99 to 2.99 which is not all that much if you factor in replay-ability. And you already listed the one I know.


Technically, if you’re not paying, you’re not conducting business…

Go on IFDB (interactive fiction database). There are a gazillion free games.

Also try Storynexus, User games are all free there, and are similar to Fallen London.


Thought I’d post as just finished Oregan trail and quite like it :slight_smile: . Don’t think you can get it as a stand alone app, think you can only get it by downloading the delight games full library(got it from the playstore myself), and only the first chapter is available as of right now, but still recommend it. It’s a westernish kinda story, but similar to zombie high from delight games too, the game is gender locked female, so that’s less common than non-gender locked games and male gender locked games anyway, but a western game from a female perspective is even more unique really. Though if anyone does decide to check it out, you should note Oregon trail(and a lot of delight games in general tbh) are more like interactive novels than choice games, so might not be everyone’s cup of tea, though I like both formats myself, same reason I really like divided we fall. But anyhoo hope someone else gets some fun out of it, I sure did, though yeah it’s 1st person perspective meant it wasn’t as enjoyable as it could’ve been :frowning: . (oh and although it is fee, unless you pay you have to log into the app so many times to unlock future chapters I think)_


Choice of Games spoiled my entire experience and expectancy when it comes to interactive text games. I used to play Delight Games before I found this website and now I just can’t go back… its not the same. The majority of games you find around here are a lot better IMO - more replayability and variety, better roleplay, possibility of making our own characters (and therefore have a better sense of attachment), romance, gender identity, better quality in terms of writing, etc.

This doesn’t mean Delight Games are terribly bad, no, but they are usually a lot more linear in terms of story, the content feels railroaded and riddled with dead ends, gold/mana/life management that gates your experience in a way, a shallow score system, no romance… oh and to top it off you can’t make your own character (which is a big downer for me). Yeah, it feels like a downgrade going from CoG to DG… their saving grace and source of popularity comes from the fact they’re free.


Well, there’s your answer.

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Thank you, @IvoryOwl. I can’t tell you how frustrating/disheartening it is to read all the reviews of our games that are like, “why can’t this be free?” “can’t you just put ads on this and make more money that way?” and “why can’t you be like Delight Games.”

I’m glad we’ve ruined them for you. That means our products are in fact different and I’m not just deluding myself.


Do you often get reviews of that sort? What we have here is special, the ability to get sucked into a story and have it personally involve you into the plot is amazing. I for one am more then happy to spend some money to help more get made in the future. It sucks that authors are less appreciated then they should.

And like others have said this isn’t Delight Games. I’ve tried them and while some I have liked there is nothing personalized about it, while the creations here have such replayability that I’m still shocked playing them sometimes, finding all those unique story points that I missed the first fifteen times through (lost heir series for example. One of my favorite)

I hope that there will always be new works for me to read (or is experience a better word?). If that means I spend 3 dollars oh well. I’m paying to further the creation of new stories.


To be clear, I’m not saying this to trash Delight. I’m saying this because I perceive huge differences in the two products, and IvoryOwl articulated a number of them.


It’s OK, Jason… just invite those people to write their own games/stories using ChoiceScript.
Let’s see how they feel about having their year of hard work listed for free then… :smiling_imp:


From the last two days:

A Midsummer Night’s Choice Google Play Store Reviews APP [5:50 PM]
OK, I downloaded this game twenty mins ago and finished it. I really enjoyed the storyline and all; BUT why are only the first TWO chapters free?! :rage: I think it’s just appalling how I’m supposed to PAY £3.59 or more for the full version. I don’t think the chapters are worth that much, I’d rather just buy the book itself! And here I was, thinking this game was a FREE bargain! :unamused: I would deeply appreciate if Choice of Games LLC made ALL the chapters free.

Saga of the North Wind Google Play Store Reviews APP [9:51 AM]
Very good but you have to purchase it at some point to continue.

The Eagle’s Heir Google Play Store Reviews APP [12:33 PM]
I get excited to see what will probably be great but it cost money can’t you add more ads and make it free?

Choice of Alexandria Google Play Store Reviews APP [2:55 PM]
It’s a very good concept, and I love it immensely, I just wish I could have more of the story without paying anything. Oh well.

The Eagle’s Heir Google Play Store Reviews APP [3:43 PM]
Way too short! Was kinda surprised and disappointed when it came to an end so quickly… Most choice of games are longer then that. The story was very interesting such a pity to end it so quickly.

Saga of the North Wind Google Play Store Reviews APP [8:46 PM]
I really really liked the demo of this - but $5 just seems like too much to pay for a game you can only replay once or twice. If it was $3, I’d be all over it.

The Eagle’s Heir Google Play Store Reviews APP [8:48 PM]
Should make free that’d be awesome

I mean, I appreciate the 5-star review of Saga, don’t get me wrong. But, truth be told, I bet that person would complain about $3.