Choice of the Ninja - Reviews

So I’ve just finished my first play through of Choice of the Ninja.

Here are my thoughts…

I enjoyed it even though the game is short. The story was interesting and doing Ninja-like things was fun. The plot is typical ninja tale, there is nothing ground breaking about it. However I thought it was written well and as a fan of all things ninja I did like the story. I did not find any romance options in there, but that didn’t bother me. I was too busy being a kick ass ninja.

The demo I think is a bit too short to get an idea what the game was like, but I took a chance because of its being about Ninjas and I like ninjas and took a chance. Even with the shortness of the game I did still enjoy it and think it was worth it.

Overall I’d give it 4/5.

+A well written story.
+Choices were fun.
+Fun characters (Mostly)

-A bit shorter than other offerings.

[Please note these are my initial thoughts after one play through. I will comment again when I’ve played some more.]

so you recommended it for me was the worst demo i play here with a long difference, no background not explanation or context. You are ninja a do ninja stuff .

Could you be bad being not loyal? , and the stats really matters? its that the demo seem like all its a railroad choices without no explanation or story

Yeah when it started I thought Maki might have been a romance option but nothing actually happened there.


I’ve played through once so far, will give more opinions when I play again, The demo is way too short I have to agree.


  1. No romance (even though the opportunity was there)
  2. Too short
  3. Fun while it lasted
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Had a couple playthroughs (it’s short enough for that) and I can’t really say I like it. While it is well written and fun for the first time, there is no real replay value.
The story feels extremely railroaded and is littered with fake choices. I honestly don’t know what half the choices are even for. Apart from a couple sentences on the next page I didn’t notice any difference to the story itself. The missions remained the same, the characters I encounter are the same and the story always concludes in exactly the same way. Didn’t matter if I played goody-two-shoes or… the “evil” choices (to clarify: There are moments when you think you can take an “evil” path, but then the story stops that a couple pages later and it plays out in the same way as the “good” path).
There was one frustrating situation in particular where you have five to ten pages with choices (all in all there should be a couple dozen possible combinations), but even after trying every single one I have yet to determine a difference in the outcome.

(I remain vague in order to avoid possible spoilers)

To be fair, I get the feeling this is supposed to be Part 1 in a longer story (Episodes-Style similar to Zombie Exodus) and maybe all these choices that are useless now become important somewhere down the line. But right now, as a standalone story? I can’t recommend it.

I also agree that the demo was short, which concerned me a bit. It doesn’t give me much confidence that this would be a game that I would want to play, but I’ll wait for the reviews.

I was excited about this release but fund my account short a couple of cent lol. Now I think I will wait on reviews before buying, don’t want another Treasure finder experience…

But man that demo sure is a lot shorter and way less enticing as I am used to for CoG games.

Short demo hope the story will be worth the buy but I will wait for reviews

I’ll admit I was surprised to see the £2/$3 price tag on the game. For its length and the degree of replayability I’d expected it to be a lot cheaper. And I’m actually someone who thinks Choice of Games underprices most of their games.

@Nasdaxow Thank you very much for that indepth review. That’s what I feared would be the case. I did actually beta-test the game. I’d hoped they’d fix some of those issues but it seems like they’re still there.

@MaraJade - Agreeing here, far too short a demo. Gives me the impression it’s not going to keep me occupied for long.

It isnt

The demo didn’t capture my interest at all. I found it fairly vague and generic, and it was too short for me to be happy with the idea of purchasing it, even for $3.

CoG should just dump all of their writing money on @JimD and have him write non-stop. I think they would all be hits.

But I noticed someone talked about romantic interests. I will be the first to say that romantic interests are important to me. It was always important that a CoG story had the option. But, I think I’ve finally reached the point where I can play a few games without a romantic interest. I never thought I’d say that, but shoehorning a romance in every story is starting to feel a little bit forced.

Some games should have a romance option, though, like Choice of the Vampire or any game @JimD ever makes, ever.

jimD wrote joice of vampire and zombie exodus? o.O those are both extremely good. what other ones has he made?

Agreed, Scelous. I don’t think romance is an important part of some genres. I particularly, and I mean really, really particularly, hate how some of the romances are so broad that they could apply to any fifty different character subtype combinations, which makes them… alarmingly bland.

And Chikiamco, don’t forget Chikiamco


I beta tested the game as well and are your issues the same as what @Nasdaxow has? I found it to be along the same line of reasoning in the demo as well. Have not yet bought the game and am still debating if I should or not.

@Scrivener I haven’t purchased the full game. I’m really wary of giving my opinions on a game I just beta-tested and didn’t purchase. It doesn’t feel fair.