Choice of the Deathless is it worth it?

yay nae or just flat out get the hell away from me ^-
your likes dislikes post here so i can save money or loose it ^

@whocares916 I have played only the demo so far and it definitely seems good enough to buy the game.

Is there a link to the game/thread I can try

@JLBH Choice of the Deathless is an official game. It’s in “Our Games” section of the site.

I played the demo and I really liked but if you don’t like reading a lot of stuff and taking in and understanding a lot if information ( As all lawyers do lol ) ten this might not be the game for you.

@ChoiceofManning considering i fall alseep after reading 2 pages of a book lol i will likely have to pass on it then ^_- my sleeping pills = books

I’m just going to say this here since Choice of Deathless doesn’t really have a dedicated thread yet…

This has to be my favourite official Choice of Game that’s been released thus far. That spot was previously held by Slammed! but this was absolutely amazing and I loved every second of it. There were no errors/bugs on the iOS version too! Well, that I saw anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would say yes. It’s one of the better games, where your choices actually mean something. That and the writing is very good.

It’s basically Phoenix Wright mixed with Vampire: The Masquerade. And I would play something that mixes both of those.

I enjoyed the Deathless beta. I haven’t purchased the full version yet though so I’m not sure what has changed or hasn’t changed. It’s one of the best Choice Games though, definitely up there with Slammed! and Heroes Rise.

Taiho, i came to this tread to find one thing and when you wrote mixed with Vampire: The Masquerade you just sold me. Now I wont even ask about games length :smiley:

Well if this is phenix with vampire masquerade I just go buy it without tryout demo.

It looks fun and I like the demo online. I found the world to be creative and original.

I found the opening scene a little off-putting, but the game itself was very interesting, and deeply peculiar. I’d definitely recommend people purchase it.

I played the beta as well, and it’s definitely worth the money. Love the authors sense of humor :slight_smile:

Purchased the game but haven’t actually finished it yet, however from where I am I can say that the game is definitely one of the better ones released with the Choice Of title. Granted, I haven’t been a fan of most of the other Choice Of titles, not because of the writing, but often because the content didn’t appeal to me, or I found the gameplay too linear. This, however, and as @Taiho stated, seems to put meaning behind the choices, and they actually do end up making an impact. Also it’s important to keep in mind that, despite the supernatural setting, and underneath all of the demons and such, this game is about lawyers, law, and the politics that go on in the workplace. All in all… Very fun :slight_smile:

@Taiho those are two of my most favorite games. Funny that you mentioned those because I was getting a Phoenix Wright feel just by reading the description.

I think the writing is very good, I enjoy reading it for sure. I only played through the demo though so I’m going to be purchasing it sometime later today.

The opening was a little well…for me it was boring not really catching my interest but I still read the whole thing and yay it did became interesting :smiley: I recommend this game. :wink:

I played the demo and enjoyed it so much that I immediately bought the game. I really, really enjoyed Choice of the Deathless. Like 9/10, one of the best games on this site. The choices felt like they mattered, the entire story was well-written, and the characters were unique and memorable.

I’ve complained about some of the recent releases, but this one really hit it out of the park. Highly recommend.

Mara loves this game i give ir 9 poisoning daggers … A good lawyer content, great humour sense, complots i end being a squeleton with the blonde guy in the other company. I see so many different choices that i wanna try so have replay value, and is long and well writen amazing game

I haven’t been able to tell yet, but can anyone notice if this is the type if game where it’s better to specialize in stat or if its better to spread it around whenever possible, like Life of a Wizard?