Choice of the Deathless (Spoilers)

Be warned there’s going to be spoilers in this thread. I figured I should create a topic so that people can discuss Choice of the Deathless.

Discuss away!

The author’s website with information about his other books is here:

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Whooo. I just got spam blocker. So that is no fun. What endings did you guys get? I’m very partial to using the Goddess to defeat John Smith. But making friends with everyone (over 70 in all relationships) made for a fun ending as well.

I didn’t realize he had written novels. I might have to purchase one or two. I quite like his style of writing.

Huh, I didn’t realize that was an option, using the goddess to defeat him.

I guess I’m too nice, I always used the “friendship is magic” method for defeating him, depending on what I did though I usually woke up fine after some surgery I did get an ending in which I woke up a Lich, and I always got offered a partnership, as well as the two other job offers from the demon and the RO.

I tried to get the “my firm smites John Smith” option but somehow I could never pull it off.

Is it possible to get Wakefields soul at the poker game at the start of the game?

@Lillian In the beta it was. I can’t remember how though, and it was rather difficult from what I recall.

Oh goodness I can’t beat the game because I can’t decide between partnership, one of the other two jobs, or none

I guess I should have read it better but I was mildly confuzzled by the fact that accepting the job offer at Wakefield’s firmmeant you couldn’t be together because of conflicting interests, as opposed to being a partner at the Stone&co and being fine together D:

Otherwise really enjoyed it, played it about 4 times today :slight_smile:


Is it possible to win at poker against Varath?

To beat Wakefield you need a cunning over 40.

To beat Varkath you need to target him specifically and have a cunning over 50. Although other actions also count as beating him, as long as you succeed at what you’re trying to do.

what was your choice at the end as well was what you became
i joined the godes *had 3 choices demons lawfirm and godess* and was turned in to a skeletal mage ^_-

Played the game relying heavily on Charm (had well over 90 in the stat by the end of the game), though I’ll admit it was difficult to choose what path to take job-wise at the end. I ended up choosing partner at the original firm, primarily because of my very close working relationship with Stone, my reasonable friendships with the other partners, and that everyone else in the firm seemed to get along with me as well. I chose Chen as an RO, and although it did end without a resolution of whether or not we were still together (her wanting to leave and me wanting to stay), it seemed like it may be able to work out. Oh, and I killed Smith by rallying the Demons :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m wondering what triggers the option to undo Smith with the firm’s billing?

you need to have a reasonably high gunner, I’ve gotten the option with it at 60+ generally. you may need a certain degree of relationship with the.named partners too. I’ve had more trouble with becoming a litch, I managed it once on my second time through and haven’t managed it again in a dozen games.

I stayed and became a partner at the firm, topped all cases and had the partners deal with smith. Loved the game but never payed off my loan… I wonder if at a future up date if it’s possible to take on more cases, as I found that to be quite fun

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How do you manage to become a Lich?

I’ll actually agree…I paid for this and I’d gladly pay for another set of “cases”, if just because of the humor involved.

@Lillian You can glimpse all of the souls at the table with high enough cunning (they talk about witnessing a god die by your hands - Varketh). You can also ‘win’ the game, but like @FairyGodFeather said only with high cunning above 50 and selecting the correct dialogue options. I find that winning for the sake of the money is unnecessary, but its always nice to stick it to the boss.

I chose a cheap apartment and cheap food for all but the last segment where I change my spending habits to be the most expensive apartment and the most pocket money. @DreamWalker This allows you to pay off your debt and still get an nice home to impress Wakefield (my favorite romance option).

@iggles one way to become a Lich is to choose to fight John Smith with a ‘Heroic Sacrifice.’ When you wake up in the hospital you will be a skeleton. And strangely Wakefield will still want to be with you. *shudders*

I did wonder about them still wanting to remain with you, even if you are a skeleton. I was surprised that no one went ewww and left. Still, all three romantic options work in a firm where eventually, if you’re successful enough, you’re going to become a skeleton. There’s a chance that Wakefield may have a skeletal arm by the end. I do imagine that more difficulties will crop up in the relationship. I figured that for Wakefield it’s a meeting of minds by the time you do get together. Hmm do they still seem happy if you decide to join their firm even if that means breaking up?

And hey, we got a happy ending.

I always end like skeleton , there is other way to end human? , any way i achieve go with two romance interest to bed chen and ash but no way , romantic battle of something and after choose . The other rapport end same and their actitude is like never been romance i would report that because hasnt got sense

@FairyGodfeather I enjoyed the happy ending, its nice to ‘win’ on occasion. I never bothered to join his firm. It just seemed like a terrible idea when I could be partner at my current firm or be independent. The Demon liason is a fun too, but I definitely didn’t want to be a Goddess’s pet. Especially after she said “comfortable in my way.” Hmm…