Help With Wiz Choice Part 3

I got volumes 2 and 3 of Wizard’s Choice (It’s not that bad, though it is BLASTED HARD!!!). I barely got through part 2, but I can’t seem to survive part 3. Does anyone have any hints/tips or guides of any sort?

Wait. I just beat it, but still would like some tips. Also…WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED AT THE END? I’m sorry, maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention, but what happened to the characters at the end? Thanks in advance.

I have not played it but you sound very confused. And I recommend a second play through to understand it better

(SPOILER ALERT)Hey Shintaro, it’s been a while since I’ve played Wizards Choice 2 & 3 but here are some tips that I remember for part 3 (I think):

  1. Person behind the curtain= Burn them, then help her by burning the other.
  2. Burning library= Do not follow her in.
  3. Defending the wall= Creating an illusion is most effective (and entertaining).
  4. When alone in the house= Use fireball from the alter.
  5. Infiltrating the evil house= Control one of the soldiers, use the illusion to get inside
  6. Further in= Talk to and follow Chaos (STAY IN THE LIGHT), remember the key
    7.(Forgotten when but moment will come up where you can take evil seals= Take Them)
  7. Final Confrontation= First you’ll meet the big brother from part 2 (Be Wary Of Him), obey the voice that calls out to you, (And this is important)= DO NOT RESIST (It will only hurt you).
  8. Last Moment= Call out for possession by another (I Prefer Chaos), then choose love.

The rest is up to you and it is done. There are probably things that I missed but if you follow the markers I’ve made and make good choices along the way I’m sure you’ll do fine. :smiley:

@Shadowolf Sweet! Yeah, I found that this was the only path I could win by. Thanks!