Choice of Wizards voulume 6 Help

I am rather new to this site and well I haven’t the first clue if im posting this in the right area haha :confused:

I know it is considered cheating but hey its a story and im hooked on it :slight_smile: anyways I keep getting killed or my morale falls to low I went through the first 5 in 2 days but this one sure has me stuck.

So can someone please give me some tips on this good ways to get through it without getting the living hell knocked out of me and still be on top :slight_smile: it would sure be appreciated.

So anyways Thank You to anyone who helps.

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@ReinFrost Sup friend, welcome to the forums, also which Choice of a wizard are we talking about? the one where you’re in hell or life of a wizard? because I always get those two mixed up

@2Ton he means ‘Wizard’s Choice’ by Sam Landstrom.

Seeing as Sam actually published his game separately, under his own label, you don’t tend to see much discussion about it here… Someone else may be able to help you, but I recall myself getting stuck on Volume 5.

@CJW I once talked this that guy… he is cool. I really like Wizard’s Choice it’s one of my favorite games, but I always got stuck on 3 I always died at the end :frowning:

The tip is you need to store mana as much as possible. Do good deeds to gain morale and crush somebody’s soul for mana.


  1. Don’t attack your demon(Thannos I think…) at the first part of game, you can crush his soul later after you meet succubus(Azizella).
  2. Don’t enter reward room. It’s waste of time and mana.
  3. At first try to possess a girl with Trevor, and in party posse Brett and kill Tiffany to possess her corpse, you will get a huge mana.
  4. Crush Maya’s boyfriend soul if your mana is less than 43 (35 for gate spell and 8 for killing Nerul)

All right thanks people and I made my own guide :slight_smile: Ill try to close this now if I can -_-