Wizard's Choice Volumes 1-6 guides


I got permission from Sam Landstrom so if you want to go tell him about this go right ahead he is O.K. with this.
Anyways this guide shows nothing about the story just the choices in order to complete the game.
Volumes 1-5 of the game are perfect scores except 6 i haven’t had time to go through it and fix my mistakes.
Please feel free to edit or fix any mistakes i made. I know Wizards Choice isnt the biggest thing to everyone on C.O.G. but i hope this guide helps someone!

Wizard Choice Volume 1 GUIDE!
This guide shows the choices to a perfect game.
Loaded with coin slayer of evil!
Stop and listen.
Cut the ears off.
Garrison in ruin walls.
Castle never question a wizard.
Jump the wall.
Push rocks down on climber.
Enter the castle now.
Search the rooms and doors.
Investigate the sound.
Chain her back up.
Send her on her way.
Unhood the lantern.
Attempt to excuse yourself.
Gold +50
Spy for a bit.
Attack with spells.
Search around a bit.
Use the key now.
Prepare a spell.
Health-1 Manna-2 Gold+60
Open the door.
No time! Run!
Try to close it.
Charm the ogre.
Manna-3 Morale+4
Search the bodys.
Offer her your blanket.
Manna+4 Health+4 Morale+1
Follow them.
Turn invisible.
Manna-4 Morale+1
Health-4 Morale+4
Attack her.


Wizard Choice Voume 2 Guide
This guide shows the choices to a perfect game.
Deadly and Absurdly Handsome!
Manna-1 Health-1
Disguise yourself.
Buy a disguise.
Haggle for a lower price.
Morale+1 Gold-1
Buy another Cloak.
Morale+2 gold-1
Ask the candlemaker to see her.
Say who you are.
Try to calm her.
Cover her with blanket
Question her more.
Cast illusion.
Impersonate Reginold.
Manna-3 Morale+2
Attempt to talk to Malah.
Yawn the corrupt.
Attempt a bribe.
Morale+1 Gold-5
Rely on your cloak.
Reveal yourself.
Charm her.
Health+2 Manna+4 Morale+2
Spider climb spell.
Manna-2 Morale+1
Burn it!
Manna-4 Morale+3
Impersonate wererat.
Fire bolt him.
Health+1 Manna-2 Morale+3
Health+5 Manna+7
Ask for her somewhat pitfully.
Escape the dungeon.
Leave Now.
Stay hidden and watch.
seek help from Narissa.
Find a creative way in.
Look for a secret door.
Burn it with flame bolt.
Manna-2 Morale+1
Hide in one of the rooms
Make a break for it.
Follow Narissa.
Blast him with firebolt.
Health-6 Manna-2 Morale+4
Fight your way out.
Attack with dagger.
Health-5 Morale+3
Charm Merchant
Manna-3 Morale+1
Tell Her.
Morale+2 Manna= Restored Health=Restored


Wizards Choice Volume 3 Guide
Perfect Score-
AllPowerful Lord of the night
Burn Curtain.
Manna-2 Morale+1
Help Narissa kill the woman.
physically intercept priestess.
Health-1 Morale+1
Sprint after her.
Attempt to Charm him.
Health-1 Manna-3 Morale+2
Stay Put.
Help Defend the City or convince her to hunt demon. Defending city just is a rise for moral.Health+1
Distraction Illusion
Manna-3 Morale+3
Put hand on her shoulder.
Do as she recommends or just continue depends what path you took.
Health+3 Manna+4
Lightning bolt it.
Health-1 Manna-4 Morale+3
Health+1 Manna+2
Try to capture one of the trio.
Charm one of them.
Charm one of the Swordsman.
Manna-3 Morale+2
Use illusion.
Human Children.
Manna-3 Health-1 Morale+2
Kill him.
Keep light of alathia
Ask them a few questions.
Delvach the choatic.
Stay in the light.
Do not follow.
Search for a key.
Health+1 Manna+2 Morale+1
Press against wall and wait.
Prepare to attack.
Charge and use dagger.
Health-5 Morale+2
Take the amulets.
Attack him.
Lightning bolt him.
Manna-3 Morale+2
Go through door.
Plead she not hurt Narissa.
Prepare to be turned.
Delvach the Choatich.
Vengeance for Reginold.
Health-3 Morale+5
Feed on the boy.
Health+4 Morale-4
Throw cibahs head out the door.
Health-3 Morale+2
Health Remaining=3


Wizards Choice Volume 4 Guide.

Perfect Score.
All Powerful Lord of the Night.

Fly down Invisibly.
Keep Following.
Charm him.
Disguise yourself as guard.
Talk to slave.
Initiate conversation.
I have a message for her.
Make her a vampire.
Health+4 Morale-3
Call for Mazellos.
Allow Thantos constrol.
Cast charm on one.
Knock and make something up.
Rely on wit.
Health+3 Manna+3
Lightning bolt.
Health-5 Manna-4 Morale+2 ?
Tolerate him for now.
Health+4 Manna+4
Set an ambush here.
Submerge in water.
Start pulling them into water.
Push them in.
Subdue him and start saving others.
Question them.
Feed on them.
Health+12 Morale-3
Health+2 Manna+2
Only one of you.
Attack the imp.
Health-5 Morale+1
Blackmail her now.
Clarify your threat.
Go with them.
For passion.
Run for Narissa.
Try to get Narissas help.
Follow Narissa.
Health-7 Morale+2
Use an illusion.
Try to meet with Narissa.
Use Feather Fall.
Sleep under the mud.
Health+2 Manna+2
Move on.
Help Narissa.
Lightning bolt.
Manna-4 Morale+2
Lightning bolt again.
Manna-4 Morale+2


Wizards Choice Volume 5 Guide.
Perfect Score.
Feared by dragons desired by virgins.
Take the road.
Take cover.
Disguise both of you.
Continue your ruse.
Swim in the river.
Handle it alone.
Drain a few goats.
Investigate Shepard house.
Health+12 Morale-5
Fly in.
Flight over the wall.
Just go for the wall.
Illusion disguises.
Old couple.
Manna-4 Morale+2
Send her away.
Manna+7 Health+2 Morale+2
Leave with cloaks.
Jump the wall.
Lightning bolt.
Manna-4 Morale+1
Feed on him.
Health+7 Morale-3
Head into rougher terrain.
Explore the cave.
Charm it.
Manna-3 Morale-2
Disguise as a goblin.
Manna-3 Morale+1
Slay the leader.
Health-12 Morale+2
Manna-5 Health+2 Morale-2
Do not feed on them.
Use goblins as a decoy.
Have Narissa drop you.
Manna-1 Health-8
Offer your service.
Leave them.
Manna+5 Health+2 Morale-2
Explore the rest of the castle.
Try to find another way into the tower.
Leave immediately.
Jump to window to leave.
Health-2 Manna-1
Drop into rabbit courtyard.
Use featherfall
Health+2 Manna+5 Morale-2
Talk to Knight.
Just talk.
Speak to him.
Ambush on the hill.
Lightning bolt.
Health-14 Manna-4 Morale+3
Lightning bolt.
Manna-4 Morale+5
Lightning bolt.
Health-12 Manna-4 Morale+4


Wizards Choice Volume 6 Guide.
Part 1

Grab your provisions.
Flame fan.
Health-1 Manna-4
Turn invisible.
Call attention of the demon.
Talk to demons.
Try to get statue.
Spider climb.
Hide on ceiling.
Cast polymorph.
Come out.
Health-1 Morale+2
Burn yourself.
Health-1 Morale+1
Talk to her.
Threaten her.
Take a nap.
Manna+3 Health+3
Study your new spells.
Fly into reward room.
Kiss her.
Chase after him.
Manna-4 Morale+1
Try to ally with him.
Try to catch him by suprise.
Lightning bolt.
Manna-4 Morale+5
Health+2 Manna+16 Morale-2
Try to go through door.


Wizards Choice Volume 6
Part 2

Possess one of girls.
Kick Joe.
Give joe another kick.
Talk to Reginold.
I have been sent to him.
Tell Reginold its ok.
Say you were sent here.
Crush the mans soul.
health+1 manna+9 morale-3
health+7 manna+9 morale-3
Boy tiffany is seducing.
Crush her soul.
Try to maneuver her.
health+1 manna+14 morale-2
Possess the corpse.
manna+5 health+5 morale-3
Tell them to back off.
health+4 manna+5
Make something up.
Pursue in spirit form.
manna-4 morale+2
Wait until after class.
Attempt to seduce.
Go along with it.
health-2 morale-4?
Do not crush his soul.
Possess him now.
Say that Heather is not ready.
Lightning bolt.
manna-4 morale+2
Attack Voland.
Final Reckoning
manna-8 health-5 morale+5
health+2 manna+40
Prepare Final Reckoning
manna-8 health-4
health+1 manna+11 morale-2?
I do have the manna.
Svellacks treasure room.
Close the gate.
Return to your body.
Try to possess Reginold.
Lie and say you’re jesus.
Final Reckoning on her.


*Part 4 corrections*

General hints: Health is abundant, mana is rare – generally trade health for mana when the option exists, and ALWAYS trade health for morale.

Talk to slave.

This is incorrect – if you “Look for someone else”, you will get +1 Morale

Allow Thantos control

This is debatable – suppressing Mazellos is -6 health, -2 morale. This is a good trade in this part, as you are “health rich”, and this path saves you 1 morale.

Feed on them.

This is very dubious – “Kill them quickly” is neutral, and you don’t need the health (resulting in a savings of 3 morale)

Attack the imp

This is correct – the option “Keep walking” is neutral (no gains or losses), but spending health to gain morale is a good move in this game. Note, however, when I generated the score for this playthrough I didn’t take this option, so you /might/ run out of health if you choose this option but otherwise follow the amended playthrough. If so, “Keep walking” is the better option. I doubt this is the case, though.

Run for Narissa

This is incorrect – choose “Convince them to take you to her” to avoid the health loss (no other effects).

Use an illusion

This is incorrect – “Describe where you are” is neutral, and produces the same result.

Move on

This is incorrect – “Wait and Watch” and “Sleep” produces -4 mana, +14 health, 0 morale – much better.


This is incorrect – “Jump” is -2 health -1 mana, much better than -10 health.

“Lightning bolt”

“Leaps” is better than “Lightning bolt” – it is +6 morale, -8 health, -2 mana, much better than two lightning bolts (total of -8 mana, +4 morale).

This path results in an ending with 17 health, 6 mana, 24 morale for 1300 points – this almost certainly perfect.

*Part 5 corrections*

General hints: This is a “spy” mission – the goal is to remain undetected. As long as you avoid detection, health is absurdly abundant – never pay any other resources to improve health. Mana is also fairly abundant, so the focus should be on improving morale more or less exclusively. It is possible to get through this game without /ever/ feeding except on goblins!


This is incorrect – “Try to pay for lodging” is -6 mana, +1 morale (much better than +12 health, -5 morale). Again, you are health rich in this game

Feed on him

This is incorrect – “Kill him” produces -1 morale, and you don’t need the health

Do not feed on them

This is incorrect – “Feed on the goblins” is +8 health with no downside.

Leave immediately

This is VERY incorrect – “Try to learn more from them” / “Do not use a spell” / “Eighteen” [+2 morale] / “Just leave” is much better.

Talk to Knight / Just talk

This is incorrect – “Kill him” / “Attack” is neutral (no stat changes), which is better

This path results in an ending with 10 health, 6 mana, 34 morale for 1460 points.

*Part 6 corrections*

General hints: Mana is absurdly abundant – you should almost always choose to spend mana when the option is available. Health isn’t particularly abundant, but most of the choices that cost health in this game are of the “-500” variety (instant death). Therefore, when the option exists to sacrifice health, you should take it.

Cast polymorph

This is correct – however, more content is available if you choose “Cast Invisibility” / “Cast Polymorph”, although you end up in the same place either way (with 4 lass mana, but it won’t matter).

Chase after him

The current version of the game (on the iPad) doesn’t offer this set of choices – Correct is “Ask to crush a soul” [+1 health, +12 mana, -2 morale] / “Yes” [-6 mana] / “Try to go through door” [+1 morale] I don’t think this has any impact on the rest of the walk through, although the final score will be different (+3 morale as written v. -1 morale in this version). In all likelihood, you can choose “Remain Silent” instead of “Ask to crush a soul” here and still be OK, saving 2 morale at the cost of 1 health and 12 mana, but… This is “in character” :slight_smile:

Talk to Reginold

This is incorrect – “Look for other demons” produces the same result (different text) with no cost, saving 1 mana.

Crush the mans soul

This is incorrect – “Help Azizella” / “Use Flame Fan” [-4 mana, +3 morale] / [+1 health, +12 mana, -2 morale] / [+7 health, +9 mana, -3 morale] produces a net of +8 health, +17 mana, -2 morale, which is better than the +8 health, +18 mana, -6 morale – one less mana for 10 more morale!

Boy Tiffany is seducing

This is incorrect – correct is “Heather” [-2 mana, +1 morale] – for a cost of 2 mana, you gain +1 morale, which is a very good trade in this game. Note that you pick up the walkthrough against at [-2 mana], so you do lose 2 mana on this path.

Posses the corpse

This is very incorrect – correct is “Continue in Brett’s body” / “Impersonate Tiffany” / [-3 mana, +2 morale] / [+1 health, +11 mana, -2 morale] for a net of +1 health, +8 mana, +0 morale This is much better than the path given which is +9 health, +10 mana, -3 morale.


This is incorrect – correct is “Illusion” [-3 mana, +3 morale]

Go along with it

This is obviously incorrect – correct is “Jump from window” [-1 health, -1 mana]. The in game hint that this is wrong is that it forces you to take this path anyway. :slight_smile:


This is incorrect – correct is “Fight” / “Natural weapons” [-10 health, +3 morale]. Note that you can reduce the health cost by casting lightning bolt, but… You don’t use health for much of anything in this game, so who cares? :slight_smile:

This path results in an ending with 14 health, 18 mana, 27 morale for 910 points.


Thank you for the input :slight_smile:


Hells… I just bought the third segment, then played it and the free first volume. Why are CoG games only $1-3? Wizard’s Choice is far shorter, typo-riddled, and amateurishly (albeit conversationally) written compared to CoV, SoI, LoW and many other CoG and Hosted games, yet commands the same price? Is it the pictures that boost its value?


WC was written by Sam Landstrom in his own programming language, and he publishes the game to Kindle and Android himself. He didn’t want to bother with learning Objective-C and getting an iOS developer account, so he wrote a conversion script from his code to ChoiceScript. We license the content from him, and sets his own prices across platforms. Or, at least, that how I understand it.

But it’s also worth noting that there is no company-sponsored copyediting for Hosted Games.



Copyediting or no, Hosted Games and the official Choice games are longer, have less errors and are in many cases better written; why not raise the price?

The only thing they lack in a side-by-side comparison is photos.


@ADNox The difference in price comes from who controls the price. With CoG/Hosted Games, CoG ultimately controls the price, while with Wizard’s Choice, Sam simply payed CoG to use ChoiceScript w/out further involvement with CoG (to my understanding), so he ultimately controls the price. As for the price itself (and the idea that CoG games may be able to command a higher price than they are currently being sold for) that’s something for this thread.

( http://www.choiceofgames.com/forum/discussion/841/cog-business-model/#Item_147 )


When does Volume 6 come to kindle?!! I NEED IT!!! :open_mouth:






I love Wizard’s Choice. Did you know that Sam Landstrom is also a publisher now? He published and programmed Erin Hartley’s Zombie High 1-2


It is a good game


I discovered this guide while playing the third part, and I’ve found some better choices than yours (I’m sorry if this sounds pretentious, but English is not my first language so I’m not good expressing myself).
First of all, in chapter 3, when you choose
"Lightning bolt it.
Health-1 Manna-4 Morale+3”
It’s better to choose:
“Retreat from room”
“Run for the shrine”
And then
“Throw a bolt of fire (manna 2)”
You only loose 2 manna without getting hurt, and the morale increase doesn’t changes.

Also, you can afford “Rescue him” and not to “Feed on the boy” (choices which increase your morale) if you save a little health by following the shadow (it doesn’t hurt you) and, after “prepare to attack” using “Featherfall then flamefan (manna 5)”. This way you run out of manna and need to “use dagger” after choosing “attack him”, but you loose less health this way.

I hope you find this useful.


Lucky for Microsoft. Sam released all volumes for free on the Windows store. The only time I love this phone’s app store.