Wizard's Choice--is it worth the $2?


If anyone has played Volume 2 and/or 3 of Wizard’s Choice, I would like their opinion on it, since I don’t want to waste my money on something I would only play a few times. Or is the game going to be free on the website?


I played the Volume 2 and I didnt personally like it too much as the story was just not that great. It was actually quite strange; the exact reason I didnt buy the volume 3. But the fact whether of not someone else finds it good or not, is personal of course. I’m just not a fan of stories of that sort (stories that are almost impossible to play through unless you make just the exactly right choices all the time). I’d say that the only way for you to know is it good or not is to play it and find out :slight_smile: everyone else can only give their own opinions.


@ imf151 Thanks. I’m not exactly a fan of those type of games either.


I don’t think a lot of us here are.


Was it better or worse than Volume 1?


In my opinion it got worse from Vol.1. Pretty much everything I expected that would happen actually didnt and everything that did happen were not interesting.


not really. its boring and uninteresting, plus i don’t like that i cant play as a girl


Thanks for all the comments/warnings! The first volume was hard, but ok, but it seems like 2 and 3 aren’t very good.