Life Of a Wizard. *SPOILERS* (MOST LIKELY) :D


Heyyy people new here!
So I thought I’d make a discussion on the new game life of a wizard because i think it’s being neglected! :-((
heheh… anyway what are your thoughts guys i thought it was one of the best yet. So what are you lot thinking :smiley:

IF you ‘dunno’ what the damn I’m talking about, well, get buying! :slight_smile:


There’s already a topic on this subject, one that isn’t filled with one smiley for every line. :slight_smile:


@dannyjohnr please use the edit button instead of double or triple posting, it makes the forum look nicer and reduces unnecessary messages/spam :slight_smile:


@Redgrave Thank you, sir.


Done from now on :stuck_out_tongue:


shouldn’t u close this discussion? @jasonstevanhill


@hyperguy it isnt really a discussion that is off-topic or just random stuff so i dont think so


well there is already another discussion well thats what ramidel said