A Wizard's Life -- Beta Testers needed


You know the drill: Email me at jason AT choiceofgames DOT com for link and login info.

IMPORTANT: Email the author (not me, not support AT choice of games) with comments. His email is mike_walter AT bell DOT net.


Sorry, I’m not sure what to do about the e-mail. What information do we need to include in the e-mail when we ask to be part of the beta?


You don’t need to include any information when emailing Jason, just tell him you want to beta test A Wizard’s Life. He will reply to the email, giving you a link and the password to login to the beta test page.


Thanks! I’ll get right on that, then!


jason ive sent the email atalacc@yahoo.co.id


Sent an email too.




I just finished one possible ending and I have to say It’s a pretty solid story and the length was a bit long but in my opinion that’s a good thing :). But what I found lacking is that you didn’t really have any reaction to others so you couldn’t really connect. I also love the races and the dimensions but I kinda wanna go into a bit more depth, all of these would make the story more believable and compelling. It’s a good start though and I can’t wait to see how you improve!!


I love have more freedom to go visit towns shops talk with my companions a little more sandbox style. But the story is good


Hey guys – since this is still at beta testing stage, please hold off on the public feedback for now. Thanks…


EDIT: oooops! ^^^ ill send it to the author right now instead!


Ohhh sorry :blush:


Man i cant wait till its out I’m definitely buying, i got a dragon as my pet lol.


Thank you for all of your wonderful ideas and finding of errors. The latest update is ready for you to peruse, just log in as normal and it is there. More Beta Testers are still welcome, remember: Email jason AT choiceofgames DOT com for link and login info. Then, email me at: mike_walter AT bell DOT net with any errors.

Spelling, extra words, missing words, logic errors, he/she errors, messed up story line… I appreciate them all! :slight_smile:


I emailed Jason and he never responded
EDIT:I believe I know why, resent the email


you have email lucid i think but what is his email?


“You know the drill: Email me at jason AT choiceofgames DOT com for link and login info.”


oh OK :stuck_out_tongue: my bad


Thank you all again! I really appreciate all of the wonderful comments and ideas that have been sent my way. Another big update has been uploaded to the link you were given. Every error sent to me so far should be fixed.

I welcome any new Beta Testers (read the first mission to see how to get the link) and greatly encourage current testers to keep playing. Send me anything and everything, I appreciate your help a lot.


I have a question. The stats screen: do you like it set up in 3, or do you think the info from all 3 should be displayed in one long page when you hit Show Stats?

I haven’t allowed jumping between the three due to the way Choicescript includes an automatic NEXT when leaving the stats. But, if showing all of the info at once doesn’t look bad, I may just do that.