Closed Beta for Paradox Factor

After the success of Life of a Wizard, I’ve put together a new game. It’s entirely different, but I think it turned out well.

I’m looking for 4 to 6 beta testers to help test my new game that I intend to submit to @Lordirishdas 's contest:

So, if you are in the contest as a judge or as a participant, please ignore this, for now. I’ll have an Open Beta after April 15 (after the contest judging has concluded) and I’d be happy for your help then.

I’m looking for people to test for errors, spelling, grammar and general ideas/suggestions. If you have some time available and you’d like to help me out over the next 2 weeks, please let me know here and I’ll contact you via forum mail with my email address.

man why am i always too late

I’m game :}

Yeah I’ve got some free time (and an eye for spelling)

me to

Count me in.

I’ll help.

I’d be interested. Finding grammar and spelling mistakes are my speciality.

And that’s my six. Thanks for the speedy response and thanks for helping!

Well if you decide you need a seventh count me in lol

if you want to make it to 8 beta testers count me

well damn if you want to make it 9 ill do it

Don’t forget lucky number 10! ( Damn you time-zones for making me late!)

Good luck with your game!

Thanks and thanks to everyone who offered. The contest says 4-6 testers with no public commenting, until after its conclusion. Three have replied and gotten the link, but if the rest of the six vanish, I may be able to switch them out. :slight_smile: