Closed Beta - Julia Caesar and the Fire of Rome

I’m entering LordIrishDas’ contest. He gave us 2 months to create a game. I’ve procrastinated away most of the time, finally settled on an idea about a week ago and now I’m feeling the deadline looming.

There’s four days left and I’ve drastically underestimated how long it takes to finish a game. I’m desperately scrambling to close up the various paths and just get it finished. I can’t discuss the game publicly yet because of the contest rules.

Is there anyone who has the time and inclination to beta test my game? The contest deadline is the 30th of March so ideally I need feedback by the 29th.

And I’m still not finished the game AGHH!! Yes this is panic! This is desperation! This is OMG MY GAME SUCKS WHAT AM I DOING!!! But I will get it done if just so no one else will come last. It is the first game I have ever created!

4am and awake by the power of caffeine makes for an interesting game-writing experience. WHEEEEEE!!!

If you’re interested in beta-testing a somewhat silly, not at all historical, game post here and I’ll PM you once I have it in a state where I can share the link. I’m hoping by asking for testers I’ll actually force myself to have something I can share in an hour. (HA!) I may be delusional though.

i will

Just based on the title alone… yeah, sure, why not? >:D<

I will tooo!!! :3

Im here to Test

I look forward to testing it for you.

I have nothing better to do with my life right now and I always want to see new games I’ll test too.

Ill beta test too

A huge thanks to everyone who’s offered to help so far. It’s 6:30am where I am, I’ve been awake all night and apparantly 1 hour was an unrealistic time for me to expect to have things finished so they were workable.

I’ll send out the link to people when I wake up and have a chance to poke at things with a fresh mind and fill in all the TODOs with actual content.

I want to test too! :smiley:

I would be happy to test your game.

PM me and I’ll give you a solid review on whatever you’re looking for input on \m/

give me the beta ticket
giiive meeeeeeeeeee

I can really sympathize, especially with my Midterms. I’d be happy to jump in.

But I have a question: while history isn’t going to be a major point here, need any help with research anyway?

I know a bit about Roman humor and (such as it was) slapstick, as well as some historical stuff that could be of use.

For instance: offhand?

One of Caesar’s fellow Triumvirs actually would fit in crazy well with this story. Why? Because Crassus was the leader of the first real “fire department” in history…

Only he didn’t have it do anything unless the property owner would sell it to him at an insane discount. If they didn’t? Oh Well…

Secondly, the Optimates and Populares were insanely antagonistic at this point in time, to the point where just about anything proposed by one side was vetoed by the other. Take that and crank it up to the extreme…

Mix those together and you have the Senate arguing pointlessly against each other while entire segments of the city go up in flames, while the “Fire Department” is more interested in extorting people for their property than on stopping the entire city from going up in smoke.

Also: various Roman shrines couldn’t be legally demolished by humans, which means that if the local priests in the local temple were annoying the people trying to sleep there or were taking up prime real estate, the locals might actually be *rooting* for the place to burn down.

Again, just some fun trivia that might help for comedy, and as usual I’d be happy to help test.

Ill test if you still have spots open.

I’m still working on getting it in a state where it can be beta-tested. I’ve still a lot of fill in the gaps information I need to put in. I’ll PM people once I get it to that state. I keep drastically under-estimating the time it’ll take me to do anything.

I seem to have a good list of people above so I’ll pick a few above to help out once I get things finished and send out the PMs.

If anyone’s uncomfortable testing a game with a female main character, or with one who isn’t straight let me know and I’ll remove you from the list.

If you still need one im open

Me too

It seems like you’ve got enough beta testers, but if not, I’d love to do it, and even if so, I just want to say that this game sounds pretty amazing.

Guys there is only two more days till the contest, wait till the contest is finished for the open beta.